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I really really don't want to google what frotting is, so can someone sum it up without too many details?
Hmm in that case I think it's quarter. If only one grandparent is Japanese, then it's quarter.

If each parent was half Japanese... then maybe you could call that a third? There would be three ethnicities buuut then it would be more than a third since he would be made up of two parts Japanese and one part Chinese and one part other so then he would be half Japanese again and now I'm confusing everyone. I think the lab experiment was more simple.
How can you be a third Japanese? Unless he's a product of a freak lab experiment with 3 parents, did you mean half or quarter? xD
Just saying he-man hairstyle is best hairstyle. Plz new fav char <3
July 11th, 2017
Inb4 it's all expired </3
Yeah it even worked without the fancy accent signs too, I was surprised at that.
Lol, I stuck it in google translate. I think it worked?
Whoa, I didn't even recognize at first, I was like, who is this potential suave and handsome Bond-like figure entering the scene.
Ohhh that also makes sense XD Maybe this page is a little big, he can just claim he got in a barfight in order to appear more threatening/tough to this cheeky fairy.
Yay! You're back. I really enjoy this comic, keep it up!

I had to go back to check if he always had a missing tooth, and he did from the start I didn't notice! shows my lack of attention to detail haha.
May 29th, 2017
He should at least have the courtesy to at least wait a couple of days after she just put so much effort into planning this thing for him....
Milly is really cool...
Tbh I don't blame her so far.
Whaaat, when did the title change? How did I miss it?
I like him! He's one of my favourite ones. Just last time I liked someone else more.
Oh no Kasha! As long as you do well, I'll vote for you next time!
I don't know why but I'm finding mono's babyface head on that suddenly mature body hilarious.
+1 for invisible
Thank you, really.
I'm really happy for the censors.
Sometimes I'll read a comic I really enjoy and then boom sex scene without censors and I feel kind of put off and often drop reading it; I came to read a web comic, not a porn. Please don't feel pressured by anyone who complains about the censors, your feelings about this are very legitimate and I empathise with you wholeheartedly.
Bars are good. Please keep them!
I think have gotten mixed up between Vaughn and Sven... And that's probably why I voted for Sven to go out because ontop of not showing up, I thought he was Vaughn (personality) ironically.

Also fantastic table. Sated all of my curiosity.
What... aren't coupons supposed to say the NAME of the PLACE they are for on them??