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Oh I love this series! Melody grew up to be such a beautiful young lady. I like Ed a lot. He's too cute!
Haha contrast between the sparkly and the dark and depressed
I miss those face expressions!
:O So he has been taking notes on how to shine!
I love Cookie! he's cute! I want a story about him! XD
December 16th, 2010
The last page kicked Terence's popularity status to the top of the list!
Hahaha I love it when he said "Self defense is only natural when..." Haven't heard that one before XD
The fact that the illustration look like this adds humor to the situation. Smart!
Your mind is only crazy cause nobody is cool enough to understand :P
Hahaha an ultimate nemesis and arch rival who just saved your butt!
Awwww there were so many characters that haven't made an appearance yet! I wanted to at least see how their personality would be like :( I whole hearty support you though and wish you success on getting it published. I will however continue to draw fan art though. Thank you for the comic and I hope to hear about the hard cover release on DA :D
Silk uncomfortable? :O Its light weight and soft. It shouldn't itch since it's so smooth :O I like silk... I get to mesh it into a ball and no wrinkles >:3
Ah early exposure to Psychological trauma. Poor Zeus. Just because they are gods doesn't make them immune to everything!
forget screaming, pepper spray!