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Snow Lilly
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Father Quenton is much like toast right now, obviously burnt, but still pliable.

10/10 would read again.
Snow Lilly
March 2nd, 2018
*Screams in happiness*

Snow Lilly
January 15th, 2018
Snow Lilly
January 15th, 2018
So in other words the parents know all about everyone, Rain included. What’s stopping them from exposing the gang from Father Evil??
Don't you dare leave us Maria!
Yeah... I don't plan on going anywhere. This is more than just another webcomic to me.
Nice knowing you Drew
Debbie, stop trying to make transphobia happen. It's not going to happen.

<3 Rain in this one, about freaking time she isn't just taking it. She stood up for herself and told debbie off. I love rain but her... victimhood, is that the word, frustrates me. She is such a strong person, the only one holding her back is herself. Sometimes I just wish she would drop the mic on people.
Snow Lilly
February 24th, 2017
>Ana is freaking out because she's not out and this is too much for her

>Rain is on Spiro, which my needing to pee all the time

> Ana is crying in the batrhroom

> Rain sees her and asks what's wrong

Snow Lilly
January 19th, 2017
I can't help but feel this might be abuse related. Kellen sounds likes she has something much darker than gender going on here. Me thinks the father did some things and this is the outcome, Kellen valuing masculinity over femininity.

Just a though. Personal experience makes me think this.
*Hugs Rain* Many of us know this struggle.
Oh! Also, I forgot to mention this and it really needs to be said...

Maria and Chanel know about you both BEFORE it was a thing. Do you really think you can BS your way out of them know what's up? Really?! :P

Lastly, @LittleLynn84, shouldn't Emily and Chanel be upgraded to Main Cast? ;)
I'm really happy that they are together, but this keeping a secret often does more harm than good. I hope they are able to stay happy with is.

Also, this totally reminds me of Keeping You A Secret by Julie Anne Peters. Good book :)

@LittleLynn84: "Philosophical question for you all"

Neither. Being emotionally driven isn't foolish and neither is being a cautious realist. What is foolish would be making a decision while not fully understanding the possible consequences. Rain and Emily seem to understand them and are very mature for their age.
Gasp! She said the secret phrase. AAAAHHHHH!
I like Allison, she's amazing friend material.

@LittleLynn84: I'm dying to get back to Ana though. I need to know who she is as a person, we've hardly seen anything of her. I want Gavin to know that trans women are just as dateable as a cis woman.
Does Emily not want a relationship because she thinks the baby will be a burden on Rain?
@haxorus29: In recent studies, it has been documented that trans and cisgender people's brains are anatomically different. Trans women have a hypothalamus that is identical to a cis woman's and vice versa for a trans men. Please note, the hypothalamus is a section of the brain responsible for autonomic processes such as the release of neurohormones, body temperature, hunger, sleep, and the circadian rhythm. Brains do in fact have a sex that is separate from anatomic sex (chromosomes, sexual and secondary characteristic, and hormones).

There is research out there that proves it's not just all in the head, but rather IS your head. A person's gender isn't preferred, it's part of their connectome, which is the neurological make-up of a person the same way a genome is a person's genetic make-up.

Isn't science fun?
She said the secret phrase!!!
This update really resonates with me. I remember pre-transition that I would turn people down and refuse to be in a relationship because of trans stuff. I don't know how it is for Rain, but for me it was because they'd only see a guy on the outside and that would color there perspective.

Deep stuff. Loving these updates Jocelyn! Your comics are always the high light of my day. My F5 button is worn out at this point!