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I just finished my first year at university, studying art history, but my true passion lies with comics and to an extend, animation. I've had some webcomics on this site in the past, but it's best we don't mention those. Didn't want to delete those comics tho, so I created a new account instead.
I am from Holland, isn't that weird?
Honestly, this is so good so far, I'm surprised there aren't more people reading this
Amazing art, and a really interesting story so far. Call me hooked!
This was such an incredible read! I really enjoyed it.
this is truly one of the most beautiful, dramatic comics I have ever read.
I am in tears.
I know there are a lot of parody and awful yaoi clich├ęs in this comic
but it's that tangent in the last panel that hurts me the most
(but for realsies, im loving this, it's hillarious)