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I'm proud of aiken. I thought at first he was an arse hole which at first he was, but now, you go Aiken.
Also, I like to imagine he's an attack on titan/Onepiece/fairy tail kinda anime fan like me. Hes going back because he saw that the AOT stand was next to the One Piece stand. Both of which were across from the Kaminari booth where the autographs were being signed. After those two, hes going to check out the Slice of life section.

Writing that gave me the best idea for fan art ever: Aiken's day at the Con. Problem is I can't draw to save my life.
I'm sorry, what?
Ok, I just read some of the comments and the title tells my reaction. I mainly though people were joking about wanting violence or some massive blow out between fara and kellen. Sure, in more jokey things, its fun to see two characters (pardon my french) Beat the shit out of each other or argue until they are blue in the face but not in rain. Rain is a fun comic, but its also a serious one that addresses problems trans people really have to go through.

To Be honest, A fight or massive argument would have been the wrong thing to do for these strips. I'm a little disappointed in all the people who commented saying they wanted violence or what ever they put.

And Also (@LittleLynn84) this strip still made me chuckle just from the looks on kellen's face and how Vincent reacted. Just proves violence was not needed.
Rain's Hope
Although the last post hit me pretty hard because I just thought inside " ooh crap, stuffs about to get hard for her", I think shes going to come out of this situation much stronger. Also, possibly, with a "missing" sister and wanted Aunt.

Seriously, I kinda now hate Kellen. Like, push her under a bus level of hate.