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Squid Squid!!!
I love your sound effects!! Hell, I love everything about this comic!!!

Please keep up the beautiful work!!
He must have forgotten that his touch brings death. Perhaps he should get some gloves if he wants to touch living things?

Love this comic and the artwork very much! Please keep up the great work!!
My! What large teeth you have there! I love this dream world! So beautiful, and yet very deadly!!
Love it!
That sigh... its like, its a common thing. Love it!!
With every page, the farther I am falling in love with this story! Please keep up the great work!
Same with me, though my nightmares tend to be seeing every o'clock there is on the clock.

I am enjoying this comic very much. Keep up the good work!
OH MY GOSH! GO PUCK!! Love the story and the characters!!
Holy Cow!
I just finished the Archipelago, and I loved it! I know I will love this too!
Love it!
Such a good story and the artwork is wonderful. I also love the image in the mirror! Gives me goose bumps!

Can't wait to see what is in store for these guys!

Enjoy the con!!
I love this story! So good!
This is one awesome comic! I love everything about it!
Love it!
I love your comic. Its always exciting to see an update to see what they will be doing.
Oh my!
So happy to see you coming back! *happy dance* I've enjoyed reading this, your art work is beyond words! And the story! Good God, I love it!!
So happy to see an update on this awesome comic! Yay!

I just saw the new starters. Not sure which one I would pick yet, I still have a DSlite.

Anyway, welcome back, even if its just for a short while. Its good to see an update.

Thank you!!
Must say I love this comic; the story line, the art and well.. everything about it.

Take all the time in the world you need. We stand behind you.
Love it!
I love your work! And it was worth the wait! Can't wait to see what is in store for the 'funeral'!
One of my favorite comics by far!! And I love the last frame! Keep up the great work!
I am loving your comic! Keep up the good work, can't wait for more!!
Oh my!
First off I have to say... WOW! What a turn of events! A shame about Jojjo and Swann; they fought hard, though. RIP, you two.

P.S.-I love your comic!