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Give Red back! Don't make Pikachu cry any more! ToT
That is my dream coat! All Hail the POCKETS!!
Someone please kick the Aunt and Uncle out on their asses! They are the ones not allowing Andrew to heal. They are the ones causing all of the unwanted chaos! Not the lovely little kitty or the children!
Tell her! Tell her you did it to save DragonThing!
The view of the eye has the look of 'I have had enough of this!'
I believe it is asking if they -have- to go down there.

Love this story and the characters!!
I am loving this Moose! He just looks so smug in that last panel!
Welcome back!!

I love your artwork and the story!
I am loving this artwork and the story! Please keep up the wonderful work, you got yourself a new fan!!
His hair might not be, but his feet are.

Love the artwork and the story line!!
Someone give that boy a big ol' loving hug!
I love how they are not even questioning it. Just going with the flow.
December 13th, 2018
I love your characters and the story so far!
Look at them ears wiggle!
Just what?! Come on, don't leave me hanging here!!

By the way, I love this story!
This thing kinda reminds me of the Tremors. But much better coloring! And with wings!

I like!
Ouch... I don't like these two. Can they go away now? Andrew needs peace and quiet to rest.
November 29th, 2018
Beautiful artwork!