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Someone quick! Feed her a snickers!

I so love your characters! Too adorable!!
Oh my! I stumbled upon your comic four days back and finally caught up! I love your artwork, characters and the story! Can't wait to see what happens!
And... we are moving! That's a huge, planet sized nope for me!
Very interesting. I'm hooked and can't wait to see what happens next!
This comic! Too funny! I love the main characters! I'm hooked!
The look on their faces. *snickers* I love it! Your art is lovely, as is your story!
MEWTWO!! NO!!! *horrible crying!*

Aah.. come on man... Spoilers! I haven't watched the movie yet! *grumble*
The dog is like, Oh.. you all done chasing me? Okay no problem, here you go. You can have these back. *drops shoes*

I love everything about this! Super colorful and awesome characters!!
Such beautiful work! Are those sea horse folk over there?! Too cute!!
For some odd reason I want to say 'Twins!?'

Anyway, I love it! Keep up the lovely work!!
Note to self: Do not piss off Sally! Damn she has some skills!
April 24th, 2018
A conveniently placed shirt. Not suspicious at all.

I am loving this comic!
Awesome Updates! I know that I am still enjoying this comic since the first late night I stumbled on it. So much character development!

I will have to visit your tumblr, Qlock! Never feel guilty about working on other things!
The Detail!
Wow! Not quite sure what or where this place is. But its awesome looking so far!
Well, I guess Fox knew which way he was going! I love the transformation!!
Oh dear! Not that blue fire thing again!

Fox! You are going the wrong way!
Uh.. is that tree upside down...or is that just me?

Perhaps its a 'I know him!' moment.

By the way, I love this comic! The characters, and story are great!
Is he sure its a dream world?
Haha! The 'not me' nose touch! Awesome! Haven't seen that one used in some time! Well done!!