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While I am saddened to hear that this lovely story is ending. I will have to take a look at your MoonFire. Your artwork is just beautiful!
August 29th, 2019
@gamerkatie: I think it was because the clothes he has on, are a bit small. At least I believe that is what was said a few pages back.
Maybe Plucky's green hoof will break the Bad? Return the guy back to himself?
Binged this in two days! Completely love this comic! The story! The characters!
I love these guys!
I think Isabelle is a tortoise.
May 31st, 2019
Neat! I got some Sailor Moon vibes with this one!

Keep up the great art and story! Loving this so far!!
Give Red back! Don't make Pikachu cry any more! ToT
That is my dream coat! All Hail the POCKETS!!
Someone please kick the Aunt and Uncle out on their asses! They are the ones not allowing Andrew to heal. They are the ones causing all of the unwanted chaos! Not the lovely little kitty or the children!
Tell her! Tell her you did it to save DragonThing!
The view of the eye has the look of 'I have had enough of this!'
I believe it is asking if they -have- to go down there.

Love this story and the characters!!
I am loving this Moose! He just looks so smug in that last panel!
Welcome back!!

I love your artwork and the story!
I am loving this artwork and the story! Please keep up the wonderful work, you got yourself a new fan!!
His hair might not be, but his feet are.

Love the artwork and the story line!!