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anthagonist much? very wow!
what is it?! ughhh the suspense is killing me T.T
oh well, thanks for the page <3
January 8th, 2016
whoa, welcome back :D ahhh thanks for the page, this comic is interesting and it's kinda sad that there are hiatuses, nevertheless live well and good luck at school :)
Thanks for the page, hugging is sweeeet~ <3

by the way... is it me, or does everyone have a problem telling who is who because they look the same? o.O The same hair color, skin color, eye color... They even have the same clothes!
I know this is b&w comic, but please use different gradients for your characters, because it's really confusing!
oh shit he evolved!
this page is EPIC! :D
September 22nd, 2015
thanks for the page~
I will be happy as long as there are update, no matter which day you choose ^.^
As for his romantic relationship(s) it's up to you - I would probably read it anyways (ugh with one exception, if it turns into yaoi I'm outta here)
September 21st, 2015
yay! new page! thank you~ <3
September 16th, 2015
Welcome back~
I'm glad that you are well now :)
September 12th, 2015
welcome back~ :)
@MoonByte: "breathing holes" are commonly named "nose" :D
@IvyTiny: I think no matter if colored or not your style is beautiful ^.^
well, colored pages from time to time add flavor to this comic, though ;)
@IvyTiny: no worries, we will be reading ;)
thank you for the page~ <3
August 22nd, 2015
Thanks for uploading it <3 I can't wait for more ^.^
I was just thinking... makeup? Do boys use makeup?!
Thanks for another awesome page :)
suuuuure... ummm nice weather... right?
No matter how the comic or book is loved, the family and friends are always more important :)
Thanks for the page and have fun at classes :)
what's wrong with being 'a little' weird? ;)

Thanks for this page <3
sitting at the bottom of the stairs so he doesn't escape? ;D well, it looks fairly comfortable :) Thanks for the page~ <3