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My name is Jermhy it's no typo I know it's not spelled the same way and this is a new account my old account was JermhyTheHedgehog but yeah I moved to this account.
Working on
~Pokemon Crimson Road

I like reading manga mainly
so yeah and I like just having fun and using my imagination which may seem weird or retarded but I enjoy it so yeah.
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Shouldn't Nitro be a Logia so why is he getting hit so much because I doubt anyone is using haki this early.
@nyancat6650: It's same exact time just different look the before pic isn't there.
@nyancat6650: about a year late but it's the same time just different look before picture not shown.
Am I the only one wondering if Vagus is a girl?
Or maybe a little haki?
@Shard: Well I'm not sure if their location has been revealed yet so they might be in the grand line.
Not exactly the same but I kinda see how Dark is similar to Zorro who is my fav char btw but yeah I see this meeting ending nicely though.
@Supersonic4th: You know with a little work that would make a good story for a comic in my opinion
@.:|CamTro|:.: I think the body structue and clothing are better but if you combine both of those styles then I belive it should be even better.
Well at least he did the right thing. :D
Since there's no more All in one comics can you replace the tab with a plugins tab please?
Happy Late new years and when you think about what Chill's saying it's a bit true in most animes.
I apologize for any grammar mistakes and please tell me if you guy's want shadow's for text or not in speech bubbles.
Yay a ghost type. :D.