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Koizu: Hello! I'm the artist and co-author with Saku, my little sister. More stories to come! ^^

Saku: Hi! I'm the author and co-designer with Kohaya, my elder sister. Hope you will enjoy our current and future stories! :D It would be great if you guys could support us, we have too many stories that will be on here eventually!

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Finally, we are on the start of chapter 3!
Special Extra part 2! Next special extra will be Kiyomi Side. :D
Special Extra part 1, short backstory of our main guy, Hitsu!
AND finally! Chapter 5 is completed!
Starting chapter 6, we're on timeskip which is 2 years later. And pages will be in color, because timeskip version is being uploaded in a Japanese site COMICO! (And it's requirement there to be colored)

Anyway We will take a break, 6th chapter will be uploaded by January, 2017!
See you then :D
Thank you very much!
Up for proofreading by my sister, so might change some stuffs again.

MAIN UPDATE goes to LINE Webtoon! =1
These are test pages, could be edited later on.
Depends on the result of proofreading! ^^
...Testing pages...
These pages I upload are still under proofreading by my sister, so modifications might still take in place.
This is a Shoujo manga! (Or... supposed to?)
Since the "Dance Event" was already part of the Principal's proposal, the two presidents assigned Ryouka and Rei right away for the duty. The Physical Education teachers helped them with the Dance choreography. Hirashi and Rikado knows nothing about the steps of the "fixed" dance version.
We finally get to see the other student council members (on Duty, that is)! :D
LINE Webtoon:

As I scheduled, PresIdent RIvals Chapter 2 starts updating from today!
We're now on Chapter 2!
Will upload either one page or more pages every week starting August 19th!
On Chapter 2, the focus will be festival! And Kiyomi trying to figure out her own feelings. So let's leave the Saturday date that took place, here in the Omake!
I'm sure it is not even a proper date anyway. xD
(EDIT: This is a shoujo manga! Just reminding everyone again. ^^)

And finally! Chapter 1 is finished! :D
Next page will be just an omake, and will upload it tomorrow or on Sunday.
Thank you for reading until this page!
Visit my deviantart for official artworks and for possible contest to be hosted for PresIdent RIvals:

See you on omake and onto next chapter!
The brother took from the mother, Kiyomi took from her father more, but the father is dead. I don't know if he will make appearance as flashback or something ^^;
Kiyomi is rich in facial expression when it comes to her brother. Mainly because ever since kids, they had been on the best of terms and he was there for her more than her mother ever was.
Chapter 1 is soon to be finished! Then we go to Chapter 2, the Joint Festival chapter!
@WindowMaker: Hello! I'm so sorry I replied late, I just saw your comment now and also just realized this page was corrupted. I updated it, so the page should work fine now. : )

Thank you for pointing it out!