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Looks like the cat... er...

Looks like the overweight police Pokemon is out of the, uh... floof?
Comic Relief
Is it... bad that I found this funny?
Technical Difficulties?
After this page, my computer isn't loading any of the images of your comic. Is it just something wrong on my end?
Found it!
So THIS is where you've been! Well, I'm certainly excited to see what you can do when you aren't being held to the limits of a Nuzlocke!
@Notbt5: Yes, I commented on this, about thirteen hours after this page was posted. What exactly is your point?

What started the unpleasantness was the Guest account.
Pleasant. Again.
@DONG: Well, here's another unpleasant person. What exactly are you hoping to achieve here?

You certainly aren't doing anything worthwhile. For all I care, you are just a blank face on the other side of the screen. Whether you are a stereotypical 'neck beard', or some little kid acting tough, I really do not care.

In the end, you're just an ass, and you are /trying/ to make me feel bad. You'd have to try quite a bit harder than that, though, if you want me to feel bad at all. Good luck.
@Guest: Because attacking and killing two intelligent, English speaking, personified characters in a comic, and killing a dog or a deer IN REAL LIFE are the exact same thing.

It's funny. You decide to encourage suicide in the event that I accidentally run over a dog. But you have to do it under a Guest account, to avoid any real consequence.

You are a very unpleasant person, and if you truly have a problem with me, I encourage you to give me a Private Message, rather than make a complete jerk of yourself where others will see.
All I could think about were the pitfall traps in Animal Crossing.
Ellis /really/ likes poking things.
The Eyes
You can just see the unlimited love and trust in Choco's eyes now.
@Sixal: Haha, my evil plan has been discovered!

But, really, I'm loving this series a lot. You've got a wonderful art style, and you do a damn fine job when it comes to telling stories.
They're all so adorable!

I fear for their lives.
@Sixal: Take your time~

I admit, I was pretty worried about you specifically, when no posts were made on here, or on your Tumblr. It's good to see that you're still okay!

And if giving feedback helps bring your motivation up, then I'll give feedback on every page!
"Shut up, this gym is NOT girly!"

I'm loving this.
It can do any trick?


Won't do it.
There are so many opportunities for a different kind of joke here, but I'm knot gonna do it. It's inappropriate.
The little cutie... barked.
@HarrisonButterGem: It's all too easy for someone to lose motivation if they get busy with other things. At least, that's true for an author like myself. I'm pretty sure it applies to those who create comics such as this. Even more so, perhaps, since they have to draw out everything from the simple base of what they do in game.