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December 12th, 2010
You have me hooked. Major props, keep up the good work :D !
December 12th, 2010
well I guess he can kiss his guitar playing goodbye now
:D love your style, keep it up !
I'll be honest
I DESPISE boy love. I don't have anything against it the love itself , I just usually hate the stories. But you know what? Yours is an exception. I'd hate to remove it from my favorites just because of the BL thing, especially since I really like it :) So hopefully more people in my position choose to stay because frankly your art and story are amazing so far :)
*favorites* You are surely talented :)
Wow. Just wow. How long does it take you to draw all of that?!
I'm speechless.
XD I got an error saying I can only post a comment every 10 seconds hahaha but
Im liking the sunshine in the first panel :)
I'm going to keep posting comments since there is something I really like on basically every page heh. Your lines are brilliant, and I love your style. I'm not sure but is this pen? If so wow, more power to you !
I believe a good scenery reaaalllyy makes a comic stand out, keep it up :)
:o !!!!!
Holy Cow you can draw so well *o*!!!!
Very nice :D!
October 29th, 2010
Very lovely page, keep it up :)
Don't worry about the updates, take your time everything at your own pace . We'll read & support no matter what
Your coloring is very beautiful!!
I'm loving the art. Very nice :)
Very nice! I get what you mean by visioning a page but then being left mouth hanging by the detail and hours it'd take ><
I really admire your improvement! Keep it up, your story is very interesting
I like your style
Can't wait to read :D
she looks really cute here :)
I really like your art ^_^
keep it up!