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The green crested lizard! I enjoy drawing pokemon and reptiles.
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I was so mad that I had to cover his face with the speech bubble so here he is. he has seen some shit.

i might bring him back since I've become so attached to him...don't have a name for him yet though
Sorry this is a day late! Took longer than I thought. Next one is still on Tuesday, don't worry. :)

Time to meet some new characters! It's about damn time.
Ok now we're going somewhere. Finally.
yes am still here

By the way, I'm liking the newer smackjeeves. We're finally beyond 2002.
(too bad the max size is still a gross 500 kb haha)
Man what a drama queen.

To all new readers: here is your proof that I do indeed update. :)
>be me
>get hospitalized
>8 weeks therapy
>1 week intensive therapy
>school catch up afterwards
>lack of motivation
>struggle to get proper meds
>realize that i like this comic
>come back

so uh yeah. i'm back baby. no bye-bye like shinxy.

next comic coming up next tuesday, on the normal schedule
Alright, let's look at bets.

The only one who was 100% correct was Guest, the anonymous guest, with "he ain't there." So you win $100.
I guess a leprechaun will deliver that to you.

MatrixMercenary is close with "something happened to the name rater." But we'll have to see when all is revealed.

Which means that technically no one's lost yet! And I'm probably way to invested in this.
It's been a while, so feel free to reread current events or smack me upside the head.

But we're finally at the Name Rater's house! Name hype!
(I do not endorse smoking. It's terrible.)
Sorry this is a bit late...I think you guys can guess what I've been playing recently. ;)
Huh. Looks like Shinxy's quite the amnesiac. How concerning.
Ooooooo religion.
Well it's basically just Arceus = One True God.
I imagine most pokemon (98%) believe in him.
The others are the wretched non-believers. May Arceus smite them.
Bleh. Sorry about the infrequent updates. Personal stuff keeps plaguing me. But I'm back! And I present this low-quality page. Sorry. :(
Wow. I'm on time. Good for me.

No big town footage today though. I tried a joke. It didn't work. Eh.

EDIT: Thanks for your patience guys, personal stuff keeps coming up. Next page should be out by Tuesday, and we'll be returning to a normal schedule.
@SkunkWitch: Definitely wasted. :)
@delta: *ding ding ding!* You are correct. :)
Man, still late. But don't worry, we're still on for Wednesday.

As for the "Mountain Name Reveal", no it's not named after an orca whale. The name Orka means something. Any guesses?

Edit: Hint - try translations