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i r duppi, the monster hiding in your kitchen drawers.

Really. I swear I am.

I am incredibly indecisive, suck at writing and various other things. However, I love drawing [for myself] and typography/propaganda fascinates me.
January 27th, 2010
This page looks excellent!
Woah, late update and this isn't a very good page either.

My classes are intensifying but the good news is that I've gotten quite ahead in the scripting and paneling.
I really ought to to things properly to save me the trouble of reuploading.
Just rearranging pages, sorry.
The first in the collection and inspired by a certain song.
Sydney's Room
Speed paint of Sydney because I have no new pages to post.
December 31st, 2009
Happy New Year's Eve! Get your new year resolutions ready and hope the start of 2010 is a good one~ ;9
Happy Holidays! Just letting you know that I was your secret santa this year and I hope you liked the picture of Hiccup and co. [though I wish I had come up with something better~]!
You two did a fantastic job at handling this year's secret santa. Thanks for making this as enjoyable as this was and A Merry Christmas to you both!
Ahh! I'm sorry, it must've been tough considering how little you had to work with! xD;; Thank you very much though [it's spot on~], I really appreciate it and I think you did a wonderful job.
Love it. Secret Santa, I may not know who you are but you are totally awesome-tastic.
December 22nd, 2009
I'm pretty uncreative right now.
December 13th, 2009
Kind of sad b/c this comic was supposed to be my baby [still is, sorta] so here is a half finished page that I did back in Feb. I'll dig it up and finish it after finals week. :(
December 10th, 2009
I removed the few pages I had up previously since I've opted to not do that chapter yet. This story/chapter will hopefully be much more fun for me to draw.

That aside, I read a lot of shoujo manga [unfortunately, it's a guilty pleasure] and I hate, hate, hate when the male love interest refers to the female protagonist as a "toy" or w/e. I'm using this chapter to vent.
November 12th, 2009
From left to right: Sydney and Nobel.

[a sort of reference to Dr. Sidney Alford and Alfred Nobel]

Currently storyboarding or something like that. Hope to upload a page soon!
I love logging on to find that this comic has updated.
February 21st, 2009
Long time no update. Anyway, I'm trying to push on so that I can get to the parts of the story that I actually like.
I'm trying to get in the habit of updating on a regular schedule but I didn't have a page ready so I thought I might try posting the sketching I do for the page and then upload the real thing later.

Hopefully this will help. :]

Also, this is the first appearance of Lucille, who adorns many of the webcomic's images. :D I'll have a profile for her on the character page soon as well.

Uh, yeah, let's work hard! *fistpump* May the updates be plentiful. :)