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@Vilani: Merry Christmas!
@Shuyin111: It has been fixed. this page is page 22. The proper page 21 is now up though so go back and see~
@Mitani: Agreed!
This boy is just so cute! And I like Visitor's reactions.
Panic mode engaged
@Merrsharr: True but it's a kid so not gonna be thinking all that rationally. They are driven much more easily by excitement.
@Merrsharr: to be fair if you just found a random diamond sitting on the floor it would be hard to pass up.
@Akki-Chan: I know I would be sad. But he's been dealing with it for 100 years. Chain just got slapped with it and the fact he left genji alone to deal with it so hes more convening at the moment for how he might react.
The most proper reaction imaginable
I can handle this.
*clears throat* Bah weep grana weep nini bon! *offers a snack*
okay i like that they are getting chain and she seems to have some bit of respect for not wanting to call him cargo...but poisoning their water without thinking maybe they give him water to drink seems a little bit on the dumb side. Hopefully she knew he would not get it somehow.
@ravenflexr: going to wager that after he was kidnapped Little chain somehow ended up in this person's care...though i fear she is probably going to die or their relationship will end sadly.
ah was wondering when we would hit the next chapter.
I'm just going to i do hope hes dead...just cause i really don't want him to wake up while this is happening that would be too much.

Also i still wants deeper context on why he did it....i still there there has to be more to it that he was just told to. He said he "had" to do as he was told so what woudl have happened if he did not? That's what i'm curious about and i think if Genji does not get those answers it might haunt him later...i know it would me but i also would have found out before killing him.

Also i remember back in the present story line when that princess lady showed up when Casc went to tell Genji he looked very sad....maybe he was remembering Mok?
@Vilani: Makes sense to me.
@minisyntax73: You have my love and respect. <3
I hope she really has the guts to go through with it.

I am horrible i know but its the only way i know to cope with stuff like this!
Um burn it? Maybe blue magic can do something?....just don't eat it!
I feel like getting way to attached to this story just so good and all the sadness now just really get to me so i keep hoping better things will happen but they wont!
@Greyunigal: I do too but i also wonder how they will effect him in terms of killing his lover gets hit by even more sadness and regret...They needs to be happy!