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Hey, names Kermit / Chris. I draw, I animate, I do a whole bunch of things. Hope to start somewhere on here, I've been here before but never really got into it! Whoops!

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Get Ready....
This artwork is gorgeous, and oof, the story is pulling well at my heart strings! Great work!
Chapter Two Begins!
Welcome to chapter two! Not all pages will have this fancy shading, but hey, why not make the first page of this chapter look nice, right? We're getting more story this chapter, so stay tuned!
End of Chapter 1
I know not a lot has necessarily happened in this chapter, but this was mostly to introduce things. So! I hope you look foward to chapter two....Where the real material starts! Thanks so much for all the support! <3
Just 2 more pages to go and this chapter is over ;)
Been having computer troubles all day, but here's this!
Two pages in one dayyyy!
Consistent update schedule, what’s that?
Extra update for you all, to make up for last week's lack of an update
Sorry for no updates last week! I made a video and spent most of my energy on that.
One update this week! And sorry for loss of quality on this page - I had to compress it to upload it :(
That's all for this week folks!
Had troubles uploading this page.
Seems it might've been too big a file to be compressed. Well.
all right update times are all over right now BUT they’ll get more regular if i choose to start classes, so...Enjoy it while you can?
april fools again!
Three pages! <3 Now you all get to wait until Friday for the next one.
April Fools Day!
Have not one, but two extra updates today.
I got a big smile on my face reading through these comics. Your art is so lovely, I adore your coloring! Great job.
About Update Schedule
I've decided while Panda Pearl will most often update on Fridays - if I have an extra page or so I'm able to post, I will post them over a couple of extra days.
Starting Fresh
As I said in my announcement, panda pearl is going to be different this time around. Please, though, know that most of the plot is in fact the same - and Nori and Emi are still heavily involved. However, we're going from a different viewpoint this time - that of Maria's. This comic will update fridays, if all goes well. Thanks for taking the time to read my comic.