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Hey, names Gack. I draw, I animate, I do a whole bunch of things. Hope to start somewhere on here, I've been here before but never really got into it! Whoops!

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    Ren Weldon
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Sorry it took so long!
I'm back now, hopefully! Thank you for your patience!!
Reboot Success!
Panda Pearl is back online! Pages will be inconsistent for a while, since I'm putting a lot more work into them and can't promise weekly updates, but I will assure an update at least once a month! Thank you for your patience and support.
another comic
another day w my panda obsession.
Uploaded this multiple times
Wasnt sure where to put it, thought I was sure, then decided it'd justbe the chapter 2 start.
The Surgeon of the Swamp
A new story, well - n ot quite new. It features a character from another comic of mine - Panda Pearl. You...may consider this a prequel of sorts.
This is wonderful! I love this so far, I'm so interested to see where it goes and it's beautifully drawn! <3
This is excellent so far! The drawings, the characters...I'm intrigued by all of it and it's just so fun so far. :>