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Max Pearce
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FBI OPEN UP !!!!1!!
Max Pearce
March 19th, 2019
@Badger: Noah has already died under the weight of her own tits
I'm loving this dynamic and these characters.
@Guest: the real questions
Oh shit, she's going to go Super Saiyan on his ass
Uh oh, that's not very chamring
Max Pearce
August 4th, 2018
My favourite thing about this is Len has clearly done this before, so you have to assume she's shot this thing and reset her wifi only for this abomination to come back to life
That's gotta be the greatest restaurant name of all time
@Guest: Thanks for the save my guy
I love how everyone is questioning who this woman is and not what the fuck Sprüño is
All I can think is Pot of Greed from Yu-Gi-Oh
For a second I was worried for Hashim, thankfully it's just Smegli
Respect to Orca, he held his own against Darcy for three straight panels
Also love Izzy's genuinely happy and wholesome face on panel 3
If you haven't already and I get the feeling you have, check out Spirit Science's "alternative" history.
I'm so down for this future plot, thanks Doc for once again raising the bar
@Batlord22: I get the distinct feeling he has
@Spino: some people get sad, others get mad
800 pages later, this is clearly the true plot line of the comic. Everything has led to this moment.
I'm thoroughly enjoying this