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Hey hey hey--
This is hilarious. I can't believe I put more work into my profile than I do into posting comics.
Which, by the way, I most likely won't do.
Thanks for reading. Now go read some good comics
Bye bye~
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I uh- I really like your series a lot
Even though it just started I know it'll be amazing your art is wonderful uwu
I like how she dabs and smacks him at the same time niceeeee 10/7 would uh-

...I didn't think this through nothing rhymes with seven orz
*casual shippings intensify*
I'm so pumped for this comic *fangirls*
AHHH amazing!
I've never been as drawn into something as this - and it's only page 7!
Your take on how pokemon look is so interesting and cool!
Is that redundant?
Sorry ^~^
Awesome so far, ahhhhh!
*sparkle sparkle*
This style is so cute omf
Just gonna *quietly fangirls*
Art seems so cute! ^.^
Oh jeez--
Is this Homestuck?
Am-- Am I wrong?
It's super cute and stuff and I was like "OMA this character design is adorable!", then I saw the name and now I'm like hmmmmm
Anyway, if you're up for the should maybe make this a bit more...not one picture of the game per page? Maybe? I'm sorry
*intensity intensifies*
I'm really liking this comic so've captured my interest, friend~!
I wish you good luck in future I don't know, haha
Me too
Ahaha me too buddy I'm not nervous one bit *laughs nervously*
This comic is sooooo cool! I just found it the other day and now it's a huge inspiration for me to make a comic...only problem is I compare myself to amazing people like you, Author
( Amy? ). All in all AMAZING COMIC my friend!
I feel you, buddy
This story is almost identical to the one of my old dog...(except the whole cat poop thing...and donut trees, heh)
Your dog seemed super cool, and I'm sorry he's gone. Just know that he's not in pain anymore, y'know? Ugh I bet I sound like every other comment here...I apologize.