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I'm a game dev that dabbles in everything else. I read a lot of webcomics and make a lot of art. So why not combine the two?
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Sorry for that looooong hiatus. But, if its any consolation, it did give me enough time to draw several pages ahead and get a bit of a backlog going. This comic will be returning to a regular update schedule. New page every thursday as usual, and if the backlog reaches the end of chapter two, I'll switch to two pages a week until we hit that.

Thanks for reading!
@DokiDokiTsuna: Thanks for reading!
Apologies for the two weeks!
Been off a couple weeks doing summer/family/job stuff but we're back in business and the Eko will continue as before! Exciting things coming up in the semi-immediate future!
A couple weeks late
Sorry for that delay, things got a little hectic in the ol' life so I had a couple weeks of off time. Here's another animated page though!
@capybaraqueen: unfortunately they're not all in one document because I have to blow them up larger to fit the dialogue text and upload them here, but at actual drawing size this is what they look like:
Welp, sorry for the two weeks off, but to make up for it, here's 3 pages in a row.

We're coming up on the end of chapter 1!

Thanks so much to all those who've started reading. It's fantastic to see those little reader/fan numbers steadily climb.

As a side note, I've actually gotten a few amazing pieces of fan art over the last little while and I plan on having a showcase of all of them at the end of the chapter, so look forward to that!
@eishiya: I do definitely see the contrast issue. I'm starting to realize the screen I work on adjusts values differently than most others so I'll have to pay more attention to that. Thanks very much for reading!
@WisdomRaider: It's all just photoshop but zoomed in real close to the pixels.

Also, thanks for reading!
She probably hasn't stopped smoking that pipe for anything but food or sleep in 16 years.
September 29th, 2016
I gotta find more opportunities to stick open landscapes in the background.