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Beautiful page!
@Charlie the gay demon: Thank you so much!! I love your username ;) I came up with Julian for Jules... and I honestly can't tell you where it came from, he's a character I've had for years and I guess I just really liked that name. Miabeecraft came up with Hendrix, which I think is such a cool first name for a boy!
@Kyotee#2: Haha! Thank youuuu <3 Hmmmm, local salon? He uses L'oreal because he's worth it ;)
@Yetaa: Thank you for your question! H&J started out as a story written by me and Miabeecraft. It sucks that it happens so often!! But the storyline didn't come from any personal/friends' experiences <3
How did you come up with the design for Derek and may I draw some fan art of him because he is so beautiful? <3
@dinonugget: Ha! That's a question to be answered on the next page ;)
@Jashi: He's only had one boyfriend before, but that was at his old school :)
@Muffin_Pan: Hmmm I was thinking of introducing Julian's old boyfriend at some point? Julian goes to pride every year, but I think it would take a while for Hendrix to gain the courage to go! <3
@Jack1709: Thank you for your questions! 1- My inspiration was from a story written by myself and Miabeecraft. I decided to do the comic after a long time of worrying that I wasn't good enough to do it. I drummed up the courage to start, and quickly realised that the best way to learn how to do something is by doing it! 2- Hendrix was designed by Miabeecraft, and he was always like I imagined, the perfect, blond, Malfoy type. Julian was a little rougher, but still beautiful with his crazy lashes. I imagined him doe-eyed and I hope I convey that in the comic. 3- Okay, my process. Firstly I have to decide what is going to happen- I have My and Miabeecraft's story to go by, plus a notebook full of notes on how I want the comic to go, down to the action. I use Paint Tool Sai. I figure out panelling next, drawing 2 or 3 pages in advance. I start with a blue layer, drawing out a very rough idea of panelling and content from my mind, then I refine it with further layers, and change it if it doesn't look right. I often use reference for difficult angles or figures. I also create 3D models on Google Sketchup (It's free and AMAZING for simple or complex 3D modelling, and you can also download existing models of anything you need!) then trace over them to make sure my environments and buildings are accurate. When I'm happy with the roughs (I never ink anything that doesn't look right. If it's off, I will alter it or scrap it and start again) I ink it in black in the final layer. I then colour it, which is super difficult for me because I'm not great with colour, but I usually use a single colour and build a palette from that, as you can see in the comic scenes (the gym cupboard scene was red, the bedroom scene was purple, etc.). I block out the colours first, then use the marker tool to add light and shading. This is something I desperately need to improve on, but I'll get there eventually ;) I add text using microsoft word, simply screen-printing and pasting it to Paint Tool Sai and moving the text to the speech bubble. Thank you for your interest! If you want to see more of my work and more info on my process, please support me on Patreon:

Thank you again! <3 <3 <3
@CharleyCentury: EY: Thank you for being a long time faaan, I love you! <3
H: Favourite food? I really like watermelon, I'd have to say watermelon. Watermelon and Julian. *winks*
J: Hmm. Favourite food. I'm a big fan of Thai food, and super spicy hot curries! Also, coq au vin. Yummy. Chocolate? I don't really eat chocolate...
H: What?! Your crazy. Galaxy. Galaxy is the best chocolate. As for seasons... I'm a summer guy.
J: Autumn, I like sweaters. I want to snuggle with Hendrix in a sweater in Autumn. *Blushes*
H: Animal... hm... crocodiles are super tough, I like those... but I also love Chihuahuas. Ssh!
J: I love owls. Snowy owls are my favourite.
@okamihanyu: Ooh I seeee! That's why it's called 'homecoming', I get it! Thank you for that- I definitely want to add prom to the story now- credit goes to youuu! <3
@huccip: J: That's a tough one.... I really like Ghibli films. Maybe the universe from Howl's Moving Castle.
H: I love those too!.... I mean, the universe from the Transformers movie? That one.
J: Favourite Pokemon... hm... Pichu? The itty bitty Pikachu?
H: Jigglypuff. I MEAN CHARAZARD.
J: O-okay.
@okamihanyu: EY: Thank you for your questions! Where do we start?
J: This relationship... definitely needs to stay on the DL. I can't imagine what those mouth-breathers would do to Hendrix if they found out.
H: B-but, at school... it's going to be hard not to stare at you all day. Let's... talk about it some time, okay?
J: Okay. Oh! And prom! (I'm really not sure what Homecoming is about since we live in England) we should definitely go... together but not together?
H: I'll get you a corsage.
J: Shut up!
@Wall_Spider: OMG 'Adorabetes' is my new favourite word XD
Good Afternoon!

Welcome to the H&J Q&A (lol it rhymes). Please feel free to ask me, Jules of Hendy any questions you have in the comments below and we'll be sure to answer them. The questions can be about ANYTHING, my art, the story.... the colour of Jules' underwear?! Just ask!

For a chance to have your say in my next Hendrix and Julian sketch- please support me on Patreon!

For as little as 1$ per month, you can be the first to see Hendrix and Julian pages- uploaded at least 24 hours before uploading anywhere else!

For 3$ per month, you can be the first to see page previews, as well as gain access to frequently updated yaoi and BL artwork exclusive to patreon! Also, rough/sketch pages and rejected pages of Hendrix and Julian!

Thank you agaaaiiin <3
@Diabolical Madness: :O Good idea! I wonder if they'll think of it <3
@sleeplessmango: Hahaaa! That does sound like Jules' mum <3
@theprinceofboxes: Haha it's the fluffiest H&J page ever!
@Blah2989: That is some good parenting!! I agree <3