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Happy Holidays, everyone!

Maybe this is a little early, but I am feeling super festive this year! I spent last Christmas in Japan away from my family and I was super sad on Christmas because I missed out on all the traditions that come with this season. But this year I'ma make up for it with a super huge christmas celebration!

I love you all, please support me on Patreon to gain access to regular updates of my artwork and to see the H&J comic before anyone else!

<3 <3 <3
Good Evening Everyone,

Pu-leeeeeeeeease don't hate me for bringing an end to the fluff. We all love the fluff, but even fluff has to end... right?

The train on this page is based on the Astram Line, the main train loop system used in central Hiroshima that I used to ride every day to work.

Anyway, let's hope no one recognises these two on the train together!

I love you all, enjoy!
@_glasspane: Hellooo yes, I do, it's 'Electronicyaoi'. I also have a deviantart with some of my early artwork at this link:
@sstogner1: You're right, it'll probably be super tough for Jules to see Hendrix like that again now, after they've shared something so intimate. But he's Julian... he'll be okay... won't he??!
@Beep boop: Thank youuu! I'm trying super hard with colours to make them a little more pleasing. And yes!! I love the fluffy moments tooo! <3
@zinnzinnluv: I know right? Oooooh boi...
@okamihanyu: Haha exactly!! Everything is going to be fine... or is it?!
@R.O.-bot: Hahahaa I'm glad you like it! <3

I hope you enjoy this page, please support me on Patreon to see Hendrix and Julian pages extra, extra early for just $1 per month!

Thank youuu!

Now Hendrix will be wearing one of Julian's shirts to school :O I wonder if anyone will notice?!

Thank you for your lovely comments and ratings- have a good week <3
@Quadrant: Hahaaaa! That made me laugh out loud XD
@R.O.-bot: Yay! Good luck :)
@sstogner1: Yaaas I tried to draw them the same :)
@Travelingpooch: Haha! Of course it had to match ;)
Of course, he'll probably leave out the part about Hendrix being his former bully.

Poor Hendrix, getting the third degree from mumma bear (Jules' mum's name is name is Ida by the way) Good thing Jules was there to save him!

Thank you for your support!

<3 <3 <3
@GoddessAngela: Thank you so much! You fill me with confidence :) <3
@Quadrant: I can show you soooon!

And yaas Jules's mum has drilled into her son the importance of protection and taking precautions, she totally trusts her son ;)
@Button eyes: Thank youuu! Me too, it would be great to work in a place where I want to be.. I've paid my dues at Domino's and Wetherspoons and Sainsbury's and teaching English in Japan XD
@zinnzinnluv: thank you so muuuuuch <3
@sstogner1: Thank youuuuu yes he is!! <3
@Aiyse: Haha yeah she's the best! Haha no it's not bad at all! Check out my Patreon for more of the corny shirt ;)