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Why are you reading this? You're just wasting you're time. Don't you people have jobs or something? Anyways, why would I care. It's not like you guys play a significant role I society or something, so stop wasting our precious oxygen.
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@GlitteringEevee943: Well, they did kinda tie her up with ropes...
12 comics since daisy was shown :/
Silly Devin,who doesn't like wafflez
Call me dumb or whatever, but what does OOC mean?
Rest In Peace
My 3DS jus broke :'( At least the games still work. Note to self, do not leave a 3DS in a sink.
This scene looks very familiar...
20th Comment!
@MemoryCrushKing: Twist end 4: Vay has frills around his neck xD
@rockey the umbreon: Have you tried talkin to someone? My best friend I met first when I had asked him where the bathroom was xD
Didn't know who he was then
Apparently I wasn't supposed to post the comment(edited it away)
@rockey the umbreon: Oh ok then. Still a bit new to SSEC
All of those eevees have leaves on their heads. Wow you must really love leafeons
Good job!
Wow. A friend of mine told me about this and well, i kinda read the entire comic in a day @.@ sooo tired but its just too good! Love this soo much rated 11/10 (Ps cant Wait for the next comic! Shd probably sleep doe)