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I love read manga and books, watching anime and foreign dramas, listening to music, and writing stories.
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I really like the ending. It's simple, but the question about how long it takes to like someone is actually quite deep.
I love this comic! It's not your typical love story and the characters are so fascinating!
Froggy Buttcrack
November 7th, 2009
7 Hour Updates Please!
I love the fact that you update quickly. Sometimes I have to catch up, but I don't find that a problem at all. Please keep updating like you have been!
October 15th, 2009
Go Liam!
Nick totally deserved that for what he said about Chloe. Like she'd ever want to kiss him. AS IF!
Haha, kick some ass! *sigh* I move on campus at my college on Friday, a day after you. Well, good luck. I know I'll need it.
Fight the temptation! lol.
Oh crap! It's God! lol. Love the comic!
I don't trust him. He's up to something. Great job on the comic so far. I love it!
This sounds like something I would do.
I am in love with Granny. She's just so old, cute, and funny! You go Grandma! Cross and all!
The plot is so interesting, and you're art is amazing! I'm looking forward to see what's going to happen next.
LOVE IT! I'm dying for her to punch him square in the face!
Help please...
I've never tried to apply for a collab, so I was just wondering how to do it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
This looks really good and your artwork is amazing. *favs*
You go girl! ^o^ *favoriting*
Sakoushi is so cute!
I like him. ^-^ I may be the only one. And you're right, his owner is a complete ditz.
Just beautiful. I love your comic. Backgrounds are my weak point as well, but I usually don't put as much effort into them as I should.