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not recognized
I have had at least three of these happen in the last month (also my first month as me so) Just today I stopped to get my check at work and the woman working the counter who has known me for 5+ years and who sees me several times a week went through the checks twice before going ohh your (insert bad name) here. A few weeks ago a guy who frequents a store I work at and who I have waited on many times asked me if I was new. I just stared at him for a few seconds and said, no not really. The most like this situation though was when my aunts brother was visiting them on the 4th and I walked across there lawn and I later learned that he said "she was rude, walked across your yard and didn't even say hi, its like she thinks she lives here" apparently my uncle started his next sentence with "do you know who that was?"

so good but it should not happen so early into things 5 months of hormones that have changed nothing and a new hair cut should not confuse people.
I know its not that type of comic
First off thank you for the wonderful comic, second I am glad Rain's story has gone here, I love the light fun and often silly stuff but just would not feel right if she was not faced with troubles.

My own transision has been terrifyingly lacking in people rejecting me, so much so that I keep waiting for kharma to hit me :-)

Now I Know its not that type of comic but I kinda hope Fara slaps Kellen one of those slaps that leaves a hand print the next day and makes chewing difficult for a while.