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I draw anime and manga style,

I idolize
J.R.R. Tolkien,
Douglas Adams,
Tim Burton,
Johnny Depp, and
Steven Tyler,

My favorite shows/books are
Saiyuki (manga),
Cowboy BeBop,
Excel Saga,
and Trigun.
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.. I personally prefer fake-staches to real ones.
... That's my solution to everything too. It hasn't failed me yet..
I wuv you
..Oh. Man that was hilarious! Now I shall go back and read everything from my 'hiatus' (coph coph), and you better look out because the comment backdraft will knock you out joff!
If I was a statue that would so be me and my best friend. I would be the one on the right. very funny ^_^
Oh wow. Tentacle hentai. You think with that many arms your sleight of hand would be good enough to cheat.. = )
Great.. you just multiplied my fear of therapists ten fold....

Funny tho

It's terrifying.. yet ..hilarious.

Self awareness is like the final stage of psycological completeness, isn't it? ^_^
November 26th, 2006
What's up-
Okay, I KNOW I left off, but guess what.. I've never forgotten about this. It was on hiatus because I wasn't satisfied with how it was turning out. Now I've got a bit of practice under my belt, the characters look the way I want them too, and the story is going where I want it. So, in all effect.. I AM BACK. I'll restart Crossed soon, and so .. get ready!
Interesting indeed. I draw a pic of a robot angel once. you'd probablly like it. ..>_> I have no idea where it went though.. T_T. Hmm.

Anyway, I like the character design thumbs up!
Niceness, and were you talking about Demona reminding you of my two marked characters from that one pic?

I really like the blue pen self portait, it stood out to me ^_^
If I recall.. this friday wasn't good for someone... hmm..

He he 5ed
.. Glad to know you are concered about pig aviation safety, and yes, ignore any truth that metaphors prove... to not do so will only end in MADNESS!

I lurves it, plus 5000 cool. Too bad the rating only goes up to 5.. ^_^'
But Rock will never die!!!!

So sorry I haven't updated Crossed lately. Life has been hectic and I'm having a few issues with the current page, luckily though, after the next page it should get simpler and be updated at least once a week...

As for this, well, i needed to post SOMETHING, and this is pretty much the only thing I've completed lately, I think...
It's life's fault, if he didn't start it, death would never have had to do what he did...

Odd that even with out dialouge, you can still manage a punchline.

I had a dream about fish the other night.. I'm taking it as a sign that I'm psychic...or prophetic at least.

= )
Nice, as always.

Keep it up!
Anime has taught me to be wary of anything with tentacles in it, HP Lovecraft taught me that tentacled Gods ruled before humans and will bring forth chaos onto the world when they return, and Life and Death taught me that they can put a damper on your plans to get drunk...

I've learned a lot from you, Joff.
Ha ha, cricket reminds me of HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy...

....Can steve get colds?