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Awesome! I really like the gift. Thank you, secret Santa!!
I love how the sweater is orange and has clouds. It's so thoughtful. Thank you, secret santa! Merry Christmas!
Absolutely love the colors and the pose!

Thank you Secret Santa, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you!
LOL, i LOVE it! I instantly knew what scene you're referring to! THANK YOU SO MUCH Secret Santa!
December 22nd, 2013
@UrbanC: Thanks for reading and the feedback!
LOL, really love the poses!! Such a cool gift, THANK YOU!
indefinite hiatus
Chapter 5 has been completed.
The first 4 pages of Ch 5 were inked by ivas321, who is also on SJ.

There will be updates next week, however...

I do not plan on creating Chapter 6 any time soon.
Sorry to readers who stuck with this story. I appreciate the support you guys have shown this comic!
End of chapter 4,

thanks for reading!

vickygal: it maybe be your browser
shells are the currency in the story
homage to inglorious basterds
The colors are done by ivas321. She'll will be inking chapter 5.

There will be an update on Saturday, which starts off chapter 4.
Thanks for the comments, guys! The next update will conclude Chapter 3. There will be a break before Chapter 4 begins.

I'm currently looking for a volunteer who can ink starting with Chapter 5. You can find the info in the Collab section of the forums.

Thanks for reading.
There will be a short break between chapters 3 and 4.

Comments and suggestions on the comic so far? Thanks
pink hair
the color of flannery's hair is pink
nice page. anatomy is great on the 6th panel.
it was Sauros with the chair =]
next update will be friday
ch 1 end
author notes on Ch 1 will be uploaded later
yea, it's sky's entrance
thank you guys for the nice comments