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We must protect that innocent soul at all costs!
...Even if he could crush anything that got in his way
@peachpunk: We're trying to slap the warp out of the poor lad, not his soul!
This just further proves that there is (almost) nothing a good ol' smack to the face can't fix!
(Disclaimer - slaps to the face will not bring back the dead, reattach missing limbs, or make Munitorium grade rations taste better)
Jeez Brinton, I've seen troopers come back from three day benders that looked better than you.
These are really helping pass the time in the hospital. Can't wait for the next one!
These have helped me pass the hours away while the medics take care of me.
I even got a gold star on the last one! My Commissar absolutely fell in love with it.
Will we get to see Talon wreck a Stormtrooper?
Will Holt sense the tail with his Commissar powers and deal with it himself?
Find out on the next episode of Dra- Eagle Ordinary!
Oh Emperor. I keep on liking Holt more and more.
That smile...oh man
Does anyone else hope we get to see Talon beat Drax into a bloody pulp for doing that to Aetta?
You know you messed up when the Junior Commissar and a Lieutenant don't even say anything and just draw weapons
You see, Cogboys are the reason we can't have nice things. They go and muck about with it, summon some ancient AI deity, and the next thing you know an Exterminatus is declared.
Emperor dammit, I cannot wait for Keegan to get his.
Something tells me that Keegan is the one about to get a boot in the rear.
And probably from the sneakiest Ogryn around.
I nearly spat my bourbon out laughing at Talons reaction face.
Key word - Almost.
@peachpunk: A little TOO much, I think. Someone needs to get the poor lad a blinder before Holt does...well does whatever Holt does.
Hmm, it would seem Commissar Holt dislikes the reporters as much as I do. Though, Throne knows she is quite the looker. Maybe she should go barking up the Juniors tree?
It was at that moment Holt knew they were screwed
Hey Talon, looks like you have a fallback if this whole Commissar thing doesn't work out - you could totally go around to Militarium academies and keep them riveted to their seats with tales of your exploits! *Coughs*Thatisifyougetouttathisinonepiece*Coughs*
Excuse me, it's a little dusty out here on the battlefield, desert worlds and all that flak.
@Sarraceno: They are, and less effective as well - you have only a 12 hour battery life on em before you gotta recharge.
@Metal C0Mmander: In some cultures, using your left hand to shake with is considered an insult because more often than not they use their left hand to clean their rears. Hence, shaking someones hand with your left is like saying you don't respect that person nor like them. *Shrugs* Just going by what I've seen in my travels.