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Is that a pun Cell made?
@Monochromegoggles: it seems like her inventory is on her as you see fabric draping from her arms, but in the middle panel you can see one of the clothes snag on something
happy go lucky scenes try to cover the fact thAT DIAL THREW TOby INTO THE VOID.
but cute and adorable scenes are pretty
@terracannon876: I'm pretty sure modmad meant for that, as that's what it has always been referred to, and given the rest of their world, its probably a literal reference to the word "amour"
@Someone: and proceeded to fall short of the answer
@William: sorry to rain on your parade, but I believe that is just how his character is designed. It's hard to tell, as the few pages that dial first appeared in the glove was switching hands, but he only had one glove then as well
looking back at the pages when dial first appeared, the art style has changed so much since then. The fact that that was two, almost three years ago is really mind boggling
why fuse text boxes? Normally each character has their own text box type so it seems kinda weird. Modman has been known to pull some pretty slick stuff off without many of us noticing (at least for a good handful of pages). I could just be over thinking it and modman just did it cause it looks cool, but you never know.
@St Kitts: RGB also calls himself the worst monster of all, so in comparison to Hero, everyone here is a monster.
@Cyberleaf: Actually, given the situation that TOby is in right now and how dial reacts to Toby's response, I wouldn't be surprised. We actually know very little of the personality or history of dial, so literally almost anything can happen next update
i expected to see TOby again, but Dial was a nice surprise, given how long it has been. I wonder if we're going to see the weird black crow person with red eyes all over him
I'm going to dub my theory comments as "Theory time" but on to the theory. What I think RGB means by "... have you figured it out yet?" is that they're going to barter the white stuff along with hero's body/ physical form, and i would assume getting the amour is gonna be pretty costly.
@Guest: its the way he says it though that makes me assume that he knows what its like to be shot. Though, I would think having your hand ripped off would hurt just as much as bullet, unless due to RGB being a "monster", severing a not so connected hand from his body is like stubbing your pinky toe on something metal. Hurts like hell, but not as much as a bullet would.
since her "coat" is now slithering away, does that mean when doubt consumes you that you become a doubt?
when a fear is scared, you know shit has hit the fan
@ThisCat: just a thought, but it might be related to how RGB had died (evidence for that is there was a panel where he says "That wasn't how I died")
@Turq_N: Also, that means that RGB can feel pain, so how does that work? Does it only register through the clothes? Is he the invisible man with a TV hat? Why didn't he react like he was supposed to when the fear stabbed him through the chest? WHY ARE THERE SO MANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS?
RGB says ripping off his hand is not as painful as getting shot (really though, why does the owl want his hand glove thing), and he has said that he has died (hence the page saying "This isn't how I died"(Looking back at that, it looks like he's being crushed by a house prop from a stage?)), it could mean that he was shot and killed, but then while is he able to walk and talk? Also, that spawns the idea that this is an afterlife/ spirit world (which explains why emotions have physical shape and all the other bizarre stuff) but does that mean that Hero is actually dead and that RGB is like the original peter pan (luring kids to their death)? Thinking back to the cloud stairs, that actually doesn't sound too far off.
the cane disappeared
@JacklynBurn: are you implying that it possibly wants the unnamed stuff around rgb ankle?