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That's one ship that missed the iceberg. Nice.
See you next year. :p
September 4th, 2015
Fara could call Aiken and ask him to mail Emily's phone to the house. Just saying. :p
August 11th, 2015
True enough.
I haven't spoken to anyone in my family aside from my parents in 30 years with a few distinct exceptions, and my father only because he always insisted on answering the phone. That might seem kind of obvious to some, but from 1980 until about three years ago there were always at least seven or eight people in the house. Most of them were adults.
I don't miss the others, all eight of them + a few fosters here and there, but even I'll admit there were funny moments even during my "exile" and I do feel a bit empty now and again.
My dad was usually the instigator here. Early on he was the most violent towards me but later on he lightened up a little even if he was still thoroughly insensitive... his way of coping I guess. There was one time I called to talk to my mother and one of my older brothers answered. He decided I couldn't talk to mom until I explained myself to him. After arguing with him for about five minutes, and coming up with some truly colorful ways of telling him to get f****d, I heard my father's very distinctive voice yell out:

"Give it up, asshole, your brother has tits. Give the phone to your mother and sit down."

Ok, so he wasn't big on enlightenment, but he was funny sometimes.
I suppose I'm just trying to say that yes, it was better in my case to cut most of them off entirely. But that doesn't mean I don't miss my family on occasion despite their complete intractability.
I'm go have to go with...
disappointed, if only a little. As for "not angry, just disappointed"? I've seen it happen in real life three or four times.

It always resulted in much worse happening a short while later. It may just be that my own upbringing was pretty savage but I would have allowed Vincent to make his joke-- if only to give myself enough time to slide up at his side; and the moment he handed Kellen the card pop goes the bigot.
@Grenartia: It may be that, but sometimes a little privacy and safety where we're concerned is worth a hell of a lot more than you think. Just saying.
@Anon: As clearly stated in the purchase agreement, body parts are only delivered upon receipt of final payment... duh! :p
I admit it's a rush...
I actually pulled that on a brother I hadn't seen in twenty years. Fifteen years afterward he still doesn't talk to me but my mom still thinks it's funny. Considering she's the only person in my family I talk to I suppose that works in my favor.

On the off chance that anyone reading this is curious-- yes, my brother is a frikkin' boob.