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Yes, Robin Hood: Men In Tights was directed by Mel Brooks, who also directed Spaceballs, Young Frankenstein (though it was Gene Wilder that wrote that one), History of the World Pt 1, and Blazing Saddles.
@MoxMox: The short version is, you can only access the required information to do your job. A surgeon will have access to health history, medication lists, etc while a nurse will have access to less of that information. It also means that certain steps have to be taken to protect patient privacy when communicating with other providers. I can use initials when talking about certain people, but using their full name is a HIPPAA violation. Same with providing an address. A caregiver doesn't need that information, but billing does.
Just leaving this here:
JL: I may depend on the GM. I had a pally lose his pally levels when being mind controlled into performing an evil act (Smite Evil on a good-aligned PC).
@Guest: Guards weren't paid to be nice, an only barely humane.
It may be a bit optimistic, but the Romans had a fairly heavy presence in the isles, enough that it was worth the effort, and enough to use Celtic equipment.
Peter: I will say only one word: Boudicca.
Panther: They were contemporaries. My entire point was that the Morrigu is just as old as Athena, though Sekhmet is indeed older than both.
The Morrigu's been around as long as Athena has been. Keep in mind that the Scottish Celts halted Hadrian, forcing him to order the wall to be built. Also, the Romans stole much of Celtic ironworking technology, bits of armor, things like that. So the Celts, the Romans, and the Greeks ran fairly concurrently. As far as Sekhmet, I will agree that she's older, since Rome was around when the Egyptian Empire collapsed.
There's also the Morrigu, who would incite warriors to battle frenzy:
@JoKeR: Take your time, man.
"WoW Druid in Cat form dragging half of a zone behind." MISTAKES WERE MADE!!!!
I have to agree with Auzzie-Phoenix.
Spelling looks fine to me.
@JoKeR: Take your time, man.
Given the last page, yeah, I could see her feeling more naked without a shield than clothes. The shield is there to keep your bits attaches. Clothes mainly just cover them, though armor would be useful. But when you train in the buff, you learn to do without the armor.
@JoKeR: And as Skallagrim points out, avoid unnecessary spikes and protrusions. All that does is create weak points and make it more likely for the weapon to catch on something. The two that you drew for the end of Chapter 2 have that going for them. There's only 1 area that I'd call a weak point on either of them, and that's where the handle joins the blade on the Twarch.
@JoKeR: They did indeed. The khopesh has a lot of wiggle room, which makes it great for creating fantasy swords. The falchion, the scimitar, and a few others as well. and and then there's and also work well for basing fantasy designs on.
great technical skill and brilliance shown in a performance or activity.
"the recital ended with a blazing display of bravura"
synonyms: virtuoso, masterly, outstanding, excellent, superb, brilliant, dazzling, first-class, expert;
the display of great daring.
"the show of bravura hid a guilty timidity"
@JoKeR: I'd also suggest a couple of YouTube channels, Skallagrim ( ) and Shadiversity ( ). Metatron ( ) is also a good resource. And here is MichaelCthulhu's channel ( ) that I mentioned earlier.