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Talupau: Here is my observation: any commercial action, by your reasoning, is ransom. I need food. I must pay to release the food to my possession. Fits the same definition of ransom. I need medical care. I must pay the ransom to release the medication that I need, and occasionally my own self (should I need to be hospitalized for treatment, not that I have anything ongoing but the point is the same). The same argument can be used for fuel, water, garden gnomes, etc.

I think the key to the definition is "from captivity." Definition of captivity
1 : the state of being captive some birds thrive in captivity
2 obsolete : a group of captives

Definition of captive
1 a : taken and held as or as if a prisoner of war
b (1) : kept within bounds : confined (2) : of or relating to captive animals captive breeding
2 : held under control of another but having the appearance of independence; especially : owned or controlled by another concern and operated for its needs rather than for an open market a captive mine
3 : being such involuntarily because of a situation that makes free choice or departure difficult a captive audience

The image isn't being held captive, it's a striptease as Peter mentions. As he is the owner of the image, no captivity exists. As the grocery store owns the food I'm about to buy, no captivity exists. Especially considering that the first and third definitions of 'captive' require the ability to make decisions, and I don't think the second applies either.
February 12th, 2018
I once played a kobold (2nd Ed), and our group invented kobold darts in that game. He ended up vamping himself.
February 7th, 2018
And thus Chekhov's Crystal (
@DarkwingDork: In all seriousness, though, how often does ANY organization have funerary benefits like that? Thulssa's no slouch when it comes to personnel resources. I'll bet he offers solid health benefits as well as decent pay. He at least understands the concept of extenuating circumstances.
I have to say that the funerary benefits are to die for.
Trunx: With a morning star, no less. In D&D, friendly fire isn't.
Or he was just faking. Bluff isn't an exclusive skill, after all.
Panther: Might I suggest taking a look at some of Phil Folgio's art? Girl Genius shows that sort of thing rather well, but he's been doing that for years.
Randomdude67: Looks like a loincloth to me.
@MoxMox: For one thing, she could use his calm. Add to that, I would think an angel of the sky would see quite a lot, and how many mothers haven't developed some kind of ESP when it involves their kids?
January 16th, 2018
That is a variant of a khopesh, by the looks of it.
@get in the bag nebby: "What a release it would be to end this all.
How easy to fly the white flag and give up.
But if I run today, to die another day, give up now, and every fight, has been in vain.
Stand up and fight! Stand up and look into the light. Pushing the clouds away stand up and fight!"
I think this song would be appropriate:
Random: If Rath had to worry about sexual harassment, there'd be no comic. And yes, bandage-spec is a thing. Most characters I play have at least 1 rank in Heal.
Brings to mind a song from Metalocalypse. "I command you to rise! Rise! Rise! Rise! Rise! Rise! Rise!"
@Raven: There are times where no matter how tired you are physically, the mind won't let you. And Simon's been under a ton of stress. I'm not entirely sure who's got it worse, Simon or his mother. He's been under high stress for longer, but it's her baby on the line.
@get in the bag nebby: Talking to everyone in the tent.
Did I lose my mind, or did the layout change a bit?
December 13th, 2017
Sometimes a well-placed unforeseen action can derail a game completely. "I sack the quarterback." "...Well, see you next week." Or in my case, I single-handedly derailed a Deadlands game my misinterpreting some instructions.
Random: momentum=massXvelocity^2. Mass matters, speed matters more.