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Gaming franchises I like: Pokemon, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Megaman, (although I'm bad at it.) Kirby, Mario although I generally prefer Kirby. That's all that comes to mind.
Games I play a lot: Transformice for some casual multiplayer, Pokemon Showdown with some of my friends (and occasional laddering and tournaments), Kid Icarus Uprising, and that's all I'm thinking of here.
Hobbies of mine: gaming, spriting, digital art (although I'm better at working with sprites), daydreaming myself into situations I'll never get into, and thinking about science and Pokemon all day, which ends up distracting me.
Main Priorities: Pokemon Ni is my main priority at the moment. I'd like to finish it since I have a lot of things I want to do afterwards such as....
Plans for Smack Jeeves projects:
-reviewing in a Zero Kirby/SushiGummy style (doing this now!)
-making a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon comic (planning this)
-making a Pokemon Ni sequel
-making a sequel to the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon comic
-making a Kirby comic
-SushiGummy Fan Made Sequel (also doing this.)
That's all for now. Whew, that was a tiring read. Have a baked potato.
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@Reggie Fan: Hey, I'd love to get back in touch. My Discord is HelicopterBallsack#6927. I've left you a message. See you when I see you.
you decide!
I actually hadn't come up with a name for the Scyther. So, comment any good Scyther names you have and I'll choose one!
I definitely didn't forget about this, no, not at all. What would make you think that?

Anyhoo, Refrigerate's stealth activates making him invisible to the naked eye, but he takes a real beating from Casey's shot.
Finally getting to my next page.
Seeing as how not a lot happens in this chapter, you'd think I'd be able to plan it out in detail quicker than this. But for now, here's a hugely underwhelming chapter cover which explains barely anything at the moment.
Currently in the process of making the next chapter cover, this'll take a bit longer.
@TheComicEdge: we have a winner!
@TheSpriterZ: that's a good guess, but not quite.
Currently in the process of remaking some earlier pages, which I'll upload when we reach 50 real pages. Also, WHO'S THAT POKEMON?
Oh boy, this is getting good. But at the end of this Refrigerate's multiplier will be at 3, and you're gonna see some cold bombs...
Mindf*ck of whenever: Goku's power level.
Mindf*ck of whenever: finding a shiny with no balls.
Mindf*ck of whenever: hippo slacking off his mindf*cks.
Next page'll be a bit late. Today's been terrible and I don't have any spare pages, so I'll need to get myself in order before updating. Sorry.
I promised you retypes in the description of the comic, it took a chapter and a half but we're finally going to see one at work.
I have returned to the comment section. And the great one said, let the idiot return.

@Reggie Fan: I'm thinking of watching Assassination Classroom.
Mindf*ck of whenever: my absence from the comments.