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@Guest: Oh, I know _exactly_ what you mean. I didn't used to be afraid of needles, but I had a bad experience getting my blood drawn...I won't bother you with the details, but it wasn't pleasant, I'll tell you that.
My (unoriginal) guess is that Gavvy boy is just preoccupied with Ana related stuff. I'm certain that he'd be fully supportive of Rain, even if the shorter style gives him a bit of a kick. It's just that, to quote Cinema Sins, the power of boners is stronger, hehe.
The more you know...
Welp, I just learned something, and to be honest, that basically defines how I am with people. Only instead of not knowing whether I like people or not, I know I like them. I everyone...unless I don't, I guess? If they're my friend, I have the potential to fall in love with them if they only show interest in me.

Now the only problem with that is that when you couple that with an uncomfortably strong libido, it makes things more than a little awkward and tense sometimes...
I couldn't help but notice a couple people saying they're disappointed with how this turned out, that they were hoping for a confrontation between Fara and Kellen, but honestly, I think this was handled much more realistically. You're more than right when you say that using logic and trying to argue your point to someone like Kellen is about as worthy of your time as teaching a watermelon to roll uphill.

I like to look at this as a more sophisticated, clever version of how Dane Cook says the girl almost always wins when couples fight, only in this case, instead of it being a guy just yelling with the sole intent on making the girl cry, while the girl makes a casual, backdoor comment on how his father is stupid, it's Kellen being a closed-minded bigot (even though I'm sure that in her head, she's the only person doing the right thing), against Fara's pacifism, combined with Vincent's closing quips, leaving little ticking timebombs in her head that she doesn't even know are there. She'll fume for a while, but she's gotta come down from that eventually, be it a couple hours or a couple months, but eventually, one lonely night, she'll think about it, and tick...tick...tick...tick...BOOM! She falls apart.
What is this I don't even *dies*
@LittleLynn84: *hugs, hugs, all the hugs* In return for the thanks, I'd like to thank _you._ Why? Well, because your comic takes being transgender, something that could otherwise drown me in depression and suicidal thoughts, and turns it into something I can enjoy through someone else's life, even if that person is a fictional character. I have little hope of living out the life I want to live, at least where I live, but being able to read this comic is just one more reason to smile and enjoy today, and look forward to tomorrow, if only just to see the next page of Rain.

So thank _you,_ Jocelyn. I'm sure I'm not the only one with a similar message.
Is it just me, or does Cynthia look a bit like a slut? I mean, seriously, all she needs are some fishnet stockings, and she'd fit in on any street corner in the bad parts of town.
Mean Girls vibe? Anyone?
I mean seriously, all we need is a badass black principal and a sassy teacher under an unwarranted drug investigation, and you're set!
It may be really simple humor, but any reference to Ditzy always makes me smile and laugh with glee. Also, it's always good to find another person who calls her Ditzy and not Derpy.
Curse your nudity without nudity!
Hehe, but in all seriousness, bronies, furries, transgirls and kinda-nudists? (I know, I'm stretching that last bit, but I'm having fun andyoucan'tstopme!!!) This comic has everything I identify as/am into, I swear! Also, my mom is very open too. Like, if someone knocks on the door while she's putting on makeup, she'll answer the door in her bra and panties with makeup tubes tucked into her bra strap and one false eyelash on.
As bad as it looks to write it this way, I can say from experience that this scene is very accurate for a lot of people. Minus the unintentional outing, I've had talks like this before. Her mom reminds me of my dad, and you know what? Fuck her mom too.
Whoa, so much fandom!
So Alexis is a brony, or pegasister, if you prefer, but judging by that avatar, is Adrian a furry? Because if he is, this comic just got 20 _times_ cooler! And so did he, hehe! Loving it so far, even if the dialogue doesn't quite feel natural, but it is only the thirteenth page after all. I'm sure that I'll see lots of improvement by the time I catch up!
Oh wow!
So Alexis has polychromatic eyes, huh? My mom is like that, but it's...even weirder. Her right eye is a warm, almost kind of dark, deep brown, and the other is half light amber and green.