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Light and Shadow
I'm a simple person with simple interests. I enjoy any type of entertainment as long as it has a well designed story.

I'm also a Youtube and can be found releasing daily Let's Plays under the alias LighttheShadowReaper. The same name goes for my Twitch username though I am less active on that only using it 3 days a week at most (on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays though the schedule may change depending on when I am working)
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I believe that is called "Code M"
Ah yes those last three panels. I too use my last name as a curse.
*Whispers into Storo's ear* "And they'll never believe you..."
Well Kexas just pulled a Pit. Time for dark Kexas I guess.
I had a preteen dressed as a port-a-potty. And yes the numbers are getting smaller though around here it's because everyone my age were the last children in the neighborhood so when we stopped everything just kinda... ended.
Well this was the first in 8 days to have the sun show its face. The storms weren't too bad though (aside from one day where lightning struck the street one house away from me).
@VadanDrumist: I foresee a murderer who either removes these devices before their victim dies or destroys them after the deed is done.
Had 90s weather and 100% humidity yesterday right before a heavy rainstorm that resulted in lighting striking one house away from me while I was standing on my porch.
On the other hand I once read a book series described as "like Hunger Games meets Harry Potter".

It was not. It was depression, pain and sorrow mixed with high school art classes.
@BattleStarX: That's funny. We just ad to evict a family of Squirrmites (Squirrels that act like Termites) from our porch siding. I think there's a conspiracy in the works...
@Sudux: Spinning Roboduck implying Kirby threw it.
Time to call in the Ultimate Anti-Macho-san Weapon.

*opens the amazing mirror*

Deploy Nacho-san!
Somewhere out there Colonel San-dee-rs is making a killing.
Karby. The name that just says "How very mono."
Oyop is now my new calling card.
Wouldn't a Kirby mike and an inverse Kirby mike cancel each other out though?
Did you pull something stretching for that joke?
@Warpstar: If you're the star, who's the guy? ;)