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Light and Shadow
I'm a simple person with simple interests. I enjoy any type of entertainment as long as it has a well designed story.

I'm also a Youtube and can be found releasing daily Let's Plays under the alias LighttheShadowReaper. The same name goes for my Twitch username though I am less active on that only using it 3 days a week at most (on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays though the schedule may change depending on when I am working)
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@Warpstar: Silents are like reverse cats. They always land on their head.
Based on my knowledge of games and tv shows my moneys on Xero. He needs to gain more confidence before he can lose one match and have an existential crisis.
Looks more like an evil scheme forming.
Stupid NPCs with their "I don't care what your personal goals are we need help" dialogue.
Kublie's little pitch sounds like a perfect scam setup. Sell info on how to get more money so they will have enough to cover the cost for more info.
It crumbled before her mere presence!
Oh no he WILL win. However he will still lose in the cutscene.
The kid's first word is a warning about imminent demise. I sense great things in its future.
In Soviet Dream Land, you eat Kirby.
I see him. Give any winnings to the whole comments section.
Dees aren't puffballs. Are they... Are they okay?
Still waiting on baby's first "Poyo"

@BattleStarX: "The Boulder takes issue with that comment."
*Cue some nameless Waddle Dee in the background riding by on a Wheelie as big as Heavy Lobster.*

Seriously though, I really like the third one because it has that face like "Can we just get this over with? I'm so friggin done."
The difference in the continuity? In this timeline, Zijol has two arms and one one leg.
You don't expect the Gnomish Inquisition because you keep looking over them... I mean over looking them.
@weoew: But the other one was seen first so wouldn't the Adventures Greenie be here first?
So we have Marx, Silent-Dee, Slender-Dee, and Black-and-White-Era-Disney-Dee.
Watch as he actually provides some insightful knowledge of this location... And Kirby STILL Poyo's him into next week.
Yeah! After all I'm pretty sure Jack's method of attack is "Speed is key!"
And the hedgehog got a weird stuffed toy that looks like a mix between Gandalf the Grey, a Pea from Veggietales, and Cousin Itt...

My brother is crazy.