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I'm a simple person with simple interests. I enjoy any type of entertainment as long as it has a well designed story.

I'm also a Youtube and can be found releasing daily Let's Plays under the alias LighttheShadowReaper. The same name goes for my Twitch username though I am less active on that only using it 3 days a week at most (on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays though the schedule may change depending on when I am working)
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Meanwhile a Sub-Boss is in Ward K-M:

"A-a-at first it was j-just a megap-phone and i-it stung a b-bit but I-I-I thought I could take it. Then he he whipped out the h-h-headphones and my-my-my ears p-popped! T-then just when I-I thought it w-was over he-he pu-puts on a m-mohawk and g-gives a death metal p-poyo so loud L-Landia split apart out of f-fear!"


Is this gonna be another twin-color-laser-beam-of-death moment?
I want to learn his workout program now (and yes I know what that means I have to do)
15 Luna-Dees. The exact daily recommendation for your average Food-Dee Pyramid
Figured the reunion would have 02 instead and Gooey would be all "look how much you've changed!" (in EEE-speak of course)
Heh. "Normal". In KDA?
No one is amused.
It's the Nega Star!
Plan Q is to nuke Pop Star from orbit.
They're like the Kirby equivalent of Rabbids.

Speaking of which who's getting the Mario/Rabbids thing?
Just proving my point that sheer insanity is fun. Especially if it freaks out "normal" people.
Evil cyclops is unamused.
I'm just hoping that one day, probably not soon, Kirby uses Mike and his voice sounds like the singer in "Ghost Love Score" by Nightwish.
Can't tell. Is he a fan or something?
If the kids had to watch the news for entertainment then "Dedede: Comin' At Ya!" must be tanking.
What are you talking about? Kirby's right there.
The Doo in the first panel may need to get his eye checked, or at least get some eye drops.
And a truly evil Doo would make him suffer but let him live so he may make other people suffer.
@BattleStarX: Just wait till you get the Skell Flight mod.