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Light and Shadow
I'm a simple person with simple interests. I enjoy any type of entertainment as long as it has a well designed story.

I'm also a Youtube and can be found releasing daily Let's Plays under the alias LighttheShadowReaper. The same name goes for my Twitch username though I am less active on that only using it 3 days a week at most (on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays though the schedule may change depending on when I am working)
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Red and black? *sigh* Sorry, seems my (still in progress) book characters gave it to him.
He's not upset. His head's just... up in the clo- *shot*
Gordos aren't living beings? Time to start the Gordo Rights Movement.
Because his internal monologues never stop talking about how everyone is an idiot. Thankfully one of your personalities is saving us from hearing them.
Oh god... My tragic story sense is tingling. The loving mate -with kids on the way- just said the "It's not like I'm (does something stupid, dangerous, and fatal)" thing.
Illegal? You're literally undead. You're already breaking the laws of nature!
Just found this comic yesterday and instantly liked it. The characters are very endearing and likeable.

I actually began my first ever nuzlocke the other day (White 2).

Caught a Riolu in Floccey Ranch named Phario and a Yamask in the Desert Ruins so I decided Phario was a prodigal prince of the Desert Ruins and the Yamask was his mother so she was named Riopatra.
Of cours! The Kirbnami Code! Down, Right, Tap left, Start. How did we not think of this sooner?
Apparently Isaac is going to be in a street fighter-style crossover fighting game alongside Cave Story and Azure Striker Gunvolt.
Place Yer Bets!
Odds are Whole Arena to One. We have recently changed the acceptable bets. Food, sugar-by-the-pound, and DDD Bucks are all still accepted, but now we also have an exchange rate for currencies used by other comics.
@BattleStarX: Mr. Doo, I have here a copyright suit from a Mr. Kool-Aid Man. How would you like to respond?
It's like Smash Bros. versus Playstation All-Stars.
So when do we hit the age about old men protagonists complaining about the newest gaming trends?
So how much was the inevitable cleaning bill for the uh... "ketchup" on her clothes that night?
When zoomed out, the tears look like very creepy eyes with straight brows.
@ninjaxxxrecon: Wrong! *takes away wolverine claws and hands over Freddy Kreuger knife gloves* You have to add a little fear to it or they won't learn their lesson.
Just sit by and watch the Macho burn eh? I can get behind that.
It's hand-nub suckin' good.
Oh hi Hermaeus Mora, fancy a cameo in the quips?
It's a UGO. Unidentified Gooey Object.