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Light and Shadow
I'm a simple person with simple interests. I enjoy any type of entertainment as long as it has a well designed story.

I'm also a Youtube and can be found releasing daily Let's Plays under the alias LighttheShadowReaper. The same name goes for my Twitch username though I am less active on that only using it 3 days a week at most (on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays though the schedule may change depending on when I am working)
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If Kirbies wore pants they would look like a noseless Bronto Burt.
Just to name a few options...
The R-800?
Quackatron 9000?
And here I am stubbing my toes on everything. STUPID TECHNICOLOR VISION!
I like to think he wasn't being ninja there but rather someone wallpapered him without realizing.
Shatterpoint Time-Break!
Just realized Kordy called Korly from a different universe. The roaming charges on a multi-dimensional call like that must be insane.
Someone activated the loop effect.
@littlekirby61524: That was just Macho-san's Sunday clothes.
There is no Mirror Macho-san. Only Macho-san.
Never wake a sleeping Silent. For you are crunchy and look like squirrels.
So Master Green is Jabberjaw?
I suddenly feel like playing Hollywood Squares with Dees.
That's easy. He's not a jelly, he's a jam.
Silliness is hereditary. It's just a recessive trait.
@Warpstar: Of course he didn't. Who do you think he is? Silent?
I prefer landing a sky fortress on it but whatever boats your float I guess.
And Bandana Dee bunts the Silent. It looks good for a panel hit.
Silent Dee knows of the Laws of Floating Platforms!
My time has come.

*readies controller*