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I try not to be Lazy.
But I fail.

Um yeah.
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lol Why do I feel like the ability I hate the most will be better executed in this comic? xD
*Fire/Spike is the bane of my existance on K64*
Nice way to end the first chapter.

Waddle Dee, you are brilliant. TONNNNNNNNNGUE x'DDDD
lol @ Kirby in the 6th Pannel. He looks soooooo funny. xD
lol @ Waddle-Doo. xD

Also: Maybe the "Shooooooooooo" is from smoke clearing...? Like in Dragon Ball Z! xD

I always thought/knew that Adeleine was a girl too. I mean, she was much too adorable to be a boy.. and, she had those little chibi-circles on her face..

Wait, I just described Kirby too. D:

Waddle Doo, you're a heartless, sexy, man!

Great Action! Oh noesssssss!! Kirby!! D:>

Also: I can't wait to see Adeline. xD
This is just too cute!! <3 <3

I love this game, and I think it'll be great to see it in a manga like this!

February 11th, 2008
This is really well drawn. :D

omg. Is it Kairi and Selphie?! Was Selphie her name...? xD
Ha! This comic is funny! It well done too. 8D

Ahhh~ This comic is so adorable, the art is pretty too!

I'd adore to wait for this! ^3^
Golly! He's beautiful~~ xD

That'd be interesting to see. I've never heard of anything like that before. Can't wait!
How cute! I think I'll keep reading your comic. It seems like it'll be verrrrrry intersting! x3!
+fav. lololololol
Not only does that make compleate and utter sence, but it also is very mathematical. :D