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Flesh ribbons.
The eyes in step 2 are just too perfect.
"Probably" female? :P
Sora seems extra fluffy. :u
Panel... 12, is it? Is fantastic. Love the expression.

Good survey too! Very comprehensive.
Ooooh, Don, now what could you possibly be involved in?
I don't think I've mentioned it, but I really like Lem's eyes. The color is awesome.
Ohh, she's got binary in her eyes. Able to see enough of it to translate the letters "an", can't read the rest tho.
That header is really nice. Love the colors in it.

On the comic tho, Harmony has been doing lots of 180s recently. Had some sympathy for her in the past few pages, but this was a rather harsh way of telling the truth. Not that there would be no harsh way, but there certainly could have been better ways.
You drew the expressions REALLY well on this page. The emotion is fantastic!
Dang mang, that was harsh.

Melody is too cute for harming like that.
I already like Lem.
@Pinkeevee222: How did he ever become an Umbreon. :u
Now wait, is Dusk afraid of the dark?
Have to say, you did a really good job on the room. You really captured the mood of it- I especially love the lighting.
Bolt seems to be getting better at being assertive.
Hm, I wonder where Bolt went?
Oi m8, r u 'avin a chuckle?
I'll fite ya', I swear on me mum!

... nooo, I actually really like the direction you're taking with Blizz's character. This page shows some really great character development, I love it! Not to mention, I actually like Dusk a lot more in this page than I usually do. Fantastic page overall.

I would assume the voice is an Espeon, but I'd have no idea who it is. If it's something else, then I'm really clueless. The intrigue has been amped up yet again.