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Edit: Oh wow I just noticed that Dusk is out of the page boundaries entirely. How'd you manage that?
Plastic cacti have feelings too.
I'm loving these expressions.
Aw, wasn't who I thought it was.
That styling in the last panel looks fantastic :u
@Pinkeevee222: When you're drawing quadrupeds walking, try to have the forelegs bend the opposite direction you've been drawing them. You can think of their forelegs as being arms, because they're essentially built the same way.

That's all!
Hey Mari, would you be okay if I give you a little bit of advice?

Another great page though! Love the facial expressions.
Thought Miku was crying for a moment in that first panel. :u
Flesh ribbons.
The eyes in step 2 are just too perfect.
"Probably" female? :P
Sora seems extra fluffy. :u
Panel... 12, is it? Is fantastic. Love the expression.

Good survey too! Very comprehensive.
Ooooh, Don, now what could you possibly be involved in?
I don't think I've mentioned it, but I really like Lem's eyes. The color is awesome.
Ohh, she's got binary in her eyes. Able to see enough of it to translate the letters "an", can't read the rest tho.
That header is really nice. Love the colors in it.

On the comic tho, Harmony has been doing lots of 180s recently. Had some sympathy for her in the past few pages, but this was a rather harsh way of telling the truth. Not that there would be no harsh way, but there certainly could have been better ways.