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@GessHugh: wow, that sucks's that you have such mean Processors. all the ones that I have had have been over all great.
@Wall_Spider: same really lol
@Kitchen3: your photo is my reaction XDDD
@Boo...: we need more of this in story's, movies, comics, just in life in general
wow it been a while, though i still like where this story is going :P
@boomsaint: yeah, probably the guy with the glasses 8I
@windweaver1092: I vote yes to this XDDDD
@Mccull61: hey, just want you to know that ULTI-Reviews got to Arco today!!!! 8D
9.5, awesome!! 8D
@Mccull61: i would so love to see Brynn babying Arco! 8D
ah, i was happy to get to see this get made, even though i was up at 3 am (est) doing so.

i am so glad though that Arco got to sleep, lol we all know how pint up he was.
bro-jobs for all!! XD
@yasha.queen: whats really sad is in realty most of them don't. and its the victims that remember it all while the bully's forget. i know i still can't stand the site of my school bully's,even though most don't even remember me, or if they do, they act like we were buddy's -_-
@Mccull61: aw i loved it so much! Arco you are so showing your 'crouton' love and you don't even know it.

i think we now have a new nickname for Arco or should i say 'poptart' XD
@Blackchick: lmfao ,that he will XDD
@potatoe1988: lmfao yes it sure is XDD
woooo!! an update, and on my birthday no doubt!! 8D
yay new update and on my birthday no doubt! :P
love the live-stream and what a drawing XD
do y'all smell that?!
no, for real does anybody else smell that? *sniff* it smells *sniff* iiitttt ssmmelllsss! it "smells like teen spirit"!! XDDDDDD

sorry, just every time i see that shirt of Arcos, that song is almost always the first song of theirs that pops in my head XDDDDD