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@Ultizeta: This doesn't have to do with 20x kirby, but when are you going to update kirby adventure again? I was really enjoying it, but their hasn't been an new page in a while. If there is a specific reason, can you tell me or something?
That's something I would tell my friend after I lost to him in smash in a dumb way. the im done part at least.
I say she stabbed them for insulting her painting skills.
Hmmmmm.......Suspisious me is suspisious. I wonder what they were doing and if it has anything to do with the mature rating XD.
Good thing Dark Meta Knight died as soon as he did. I didn't want to see a revenge story. Maybe he'll pop up in the future though. And Sapphire, I doubt Halzen will be coming back, even though I wish he did.
I wonder were Ike, Roy, and the other warriors are?
At least there is a reason.
Even though there is a highly unlikely chance of this happening, I hope Keito or Halzen, or better, both get brought back to life.
what are you talking about! you can literally step over it on the very right from their perspective. if there are larger gaps further, they can use their recoveries from smash 4.
Welp, she's pretty violent when it comes to protecting her friends.
I feel bad for link. But I'm happy the rest are fine, especially crystal and Ike.
Link better not die. Or any of the other warriors. It's to soon for anyone else to die.
I call hax on marth. he must have transported them all to super smash bros melee or brawl and whooped their buts. I mean he's top freakin tier. Also irony that they have same thinking spot is ironic and convienient.
When will you continue the other 3 comics? I'm wondering what will happen to Shadow and Crystal in Neo, I want to see Amy get her butt kicked or head blasted off in Neo Advanced, and I want to see what will happen in the battle with Primal Dialga and Palkia against mega haunter and charizard.
We finished watching a video about it today that we started yesterday at school. We listened to a song related to it too. I'm in 7th grade btw
Ooooooooo....he's going to get his butt kicked. Marth may be a strong swordsman, but he's taking on a room full of strong swordsman
Oh.......Marth got people in trouble
Well.......they're nice people!