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so to make a long story short, I'm in the last months in my senior year of high school while also taking college classes full-time, along with a few other things keeping me busy, so I don't have a TON of time to draw pages atm ;_; I don't want to take an official hiatus or anything but... pages will probably slow coming at least for a little while. I'm doing my best but i'm overwhelmingly busy. Thank you for being patient and understanding! :')

if you want to see other art-related things I do, I post semi-frequently on my instagram @hiram4mayor
I don't think I ever linked it here but I made a character page a while ago in case anyone was interested in knowing a bit more about the characters :)

You can find it here

Let me know what you think!
@Rusty: thank you very much! it's one of my pet peeves to have every character a gorgeous super model, so thank you for pointing that out! I was looking to design some realistic looking characters. I'm glad you're enjoying the comic so far btw! :)
@zinnzinnluv: haha that's really cool! I love that name a lot ;u; thank you btw!
@IronDog: thank you so much!! Also thank you so much for all of your comments, I loved reading them!! :) you gave some very nice feedback
@Oly-RRR: that's a pretty good observation, I'd say that one of Zinnia's flaws is that she can be easily pushed around if she likes someone. However, I can assure you that Alice is the most innocent, caring person in this comic and would never hurt anyone purposefully so i wouldn't worry so much about thaaat necessarily.
But you'll definitely learn more about them both very soon ;))
@x Lenore x: Awesome, thank you so much! I just posted a link on both Smackjeeves and Tapastic :) And again, thank you so much for the time and effort you're putting into translating, I appreciate it!
@x Lenore x: thank you so much! And of course, that's totally fine! Just as long as you give credit and give me a link when you're done so that I can link to it on my home page! :)
@Oly-RRR: LMAO yes! xD relatable
@Oly-RRR: thank you so much for all your comments, I loved reading them! And I'm so glad you're enjoying the comic so far, I'll definitely keep updating! :)
Thank you so much for your review! You made some very good points and I agree with pretty much all of them. I think the main reason that a "plot" is lacking is probably my inexperience with pacing a story, if that makes sense? There is a bigger picture besides the romance (which is more a secondary plot point) but I guess I'm having trouble conveying it so far? Especially so early in the story. So I definitely will keep that in consideration! Also I think I kind of understand what you're getting at with the characters so I will try to keep that in mind. Aaand I must admit that the reason I haven't posted any of the extra material here is because I do admittedly have a preference for tapastic and don't REALLY understand the format of this site but that's all on me, obviously. I'll probably consider including some of that stuff on here. Overall, thank you for you for your very detailed review, I appreciate it very much!

lol relatable honestly x)

And YEA that's a really cute concept, the whole comic has sort of a cutesy flowery feel to it so far I think :') that'd be cute!!
@GayRainbowsAndBowties: thank you so much, I'm glad you're enjoying it so far :)
@Kyotee#2: yep! :)
This is the end of the chapter! Thanks for sticking with me and my inconsistent updates! Chapter 3 will start on 8/20 :')
@The Dreaming Mareep: I've actually never watched it, but I do see the resemblance haha, they look kinda similar. Maybe subconsciously Zinnia was inspired by the blue haired girl?? I was more inspired by Ramona Flowers though, honestly
And thank you so much! that means a lot! :')
@Kyotee#2: thank you!!! I'm so glad you like it so far ;u;
Hey! So! I currently don't make any money off of my art and I'm a very broke student so I made a ko-fi account for the time being

If you have a few dollars lying around and you'd like to support me, you can donate here if you'd like
Anything is appreciated :')
@TheCityUnderYourBed: it's kind of ambiguous but yes, it is her and her brother with her parents! :)
@Rose: thank you so much, that means a lot!! I definitely plan on continuing, im glad you're enjoying it so far! :)