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AKA (more preferably) Null.

I like video games, especially Nintendo ones.

Lately I have somewhat improved at spriting, so that's a thing. (yet i can't seem to sprite anything other than robots)

Any (constructive) criticism on my work is welcome.
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and the bird is completely unhurt.

is this in the right chapter?

"how in the hecks" is a yes

in any case, honestly dubior and whyyou look neat
what did you doo
behold the new amazon frown
*continual questioning*
good bloody lord what the hell was i thinking
Update: I feel like the last update's description was too vague, so this time I'll explain it a bit more:

Added things
Removed things
Changed things
Replaced things

Also made this:
<img src="">
And yes, this time I'll keep the his name the same, I'm quite happy with that now.
rip some dude's soup


you will be missed
why create an epic-looking sequence when you can just raging demon? /s
huh. the comic updated as i was reading it.


*blurble gurgle*
oh nice 👏👏
tfw the author comment was posted on apr 10
it'll be part 20 on comic 1000 (probably)


20 times kirby

h m m m m
oh no

angery blue ball

living piece of cotton whose name is cotton who is now remembering something

end of chapter

s o m e t h i n g i s h a p p e n i n g