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I like video games, especially Nintendo ones.

Lately I have somewhat improved at spriting, so that's a thing.
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poor silent

stepped on after doing god knows what
Woh, double post.
@WiispNightmare: s p h e r e s h a v e i n f i n i t e e d g e s
Even heroes aren't safe from the power of the eviction notice!
does the planet go kaboom

i like planets going kaboom
November 14th, 2017
d e e p e r *coughcough*exactlythat*cough**wheeze*

I look forward to see where this comic goes.

It just seems familiar to me for some reason ;p
"hello i exist"
Did you forget a word in the title? ;p
Funny how no-one mentioned this as far as I can tell, but hohoho what's that at the bottom of the page? ;)

...Not like it necessarily means anything /shrug.
rip the 1 pixel line on the last panel

welcome back from the dead though
Probably gonna be the character I use in the new HoC.

Automated Caretaking Robot #277
Nicknamed "Merro"

Quite a bit of sprites have the possibility of getting replaced or removed altogether.
"defend his title *pf* of the Strongest Street Fighter"