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Gotta get that booty.
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Please don't lose the Ralts ; v;
Things are getting intense. o _o
Lovely wings~
What he lacks in tact he makes up for in...perseverance.
Good to see his design is used by the company, at least. He could have a career in graphic design.
I like how there is no surprise regarding the poster at all. Just a click of the button and moving on. became a mythical land of adventure? Just my guess :9
@wildcats25: yeah :) just as a page. If you do extra/bonus art in the future, you can also move them into a separate chapter from your main story, so people see that art first or last while reading, even if it wasn't payed first or last. You go to Comic Profile > Manage Webcomic > ( add content: ) Comics for options if you want to mess with that extra stuff :)
@wildcats25: hmmm...maybe one of the main character?
Will you do any art promos in the meantime?
Looks awesome~ how/where is the physical copy available?
watch out
. _. !!
Yep. I think shit's about to go down.
O: !
So they weren't even logged in at the time of...uh...capture?
He likes dragons and food. Excellent priorities.
August 7th, 2015
So...what happens if they are caught? Are there any protocols surrounding the sacred fire? . _.
Okay but seriously, how does he go to an internship WITHOUT HAVING A CLUE OF WHAT IT IS? WHAT IF HE ENDED UP IN THE WRONG ONE? HE WILL NEVER KNOW. Maybe he is just that infatuated with his cello |: " .

/new reader questions
I kind of feel like Starbucks now. ..
Poor guy. Welcome back~