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Gotta get that booty.
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Please don't lose the Ralts ; v;
Things are getting intense. o _o
Lovely wings~
What he lacks in tact he makes up for in...perseverance.
Good to see his design is used by the company, at least. He could have a career in graphic design.
I like how there is no surprise regarding the poster at all. Just a click of the button and moving on. became a mythical land of adventure? Just my guess :9
August 13th, 2015
This page took forever because I hosted my grandparents. It was...interesting. It also took forever because of Koushik's dumb face. BUT NO REGRETS. Double page day? Yes. Triple page day? Maybe. Let's see what happens once I get the sketches done. See you later today.

((Voting incentive hasn't changed because I'm prioritizing pages right now.))
@wildcats25: yeah :) just as a page. If you do extra/bonus art in the future, you can also move them into a separate chapter from your main story, so people see that art first or last while reading, even if it wasn't payed first or last. You go to Comic Profile > Manage Webcomic > ( add content: ) Comics for options if you want to mess with that extra stuff :)
@wildcats25: hmmm...maybe one of the main character?
Will you do any art promos in the meantime?
Looks awesome~ how/where is the physical copy available?
August 9th, 2015
@M-24: yeah, I realized that three days in. Hand lettering is a butt though, so I'm waiting for my style to stabilize before editing the page (fixed mobile errors)
Psychic confirmed
watch out
. _. !!
@bluefiredragon: its design is excellent, though.
Yep. I think shit's about to go down.
O: !
So they weren't even logged in at the time of...uh...capture?
He likes dragons and food. Excellent priorities.