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Hey Lurantis, what are the upsides and downsides of your job?
Hey Lurantis, what would you do if you were tied up and interrogated by someone?
*cue Sailor Moon transformation theme*
@Pinkeevee222: That's good enough for me (for a month at least)
So you now upload twice a week??
For everyone on the guild (yes even Audrey and Team Sprite) :
Suppose you are tied to a chair and shone a light on you (the thing they do when forcing someone to confess) and was asked to say your deepest secret ... What would you say?
Just insert this quote about the filing cabinet from the game I play :
"Secrets get our weapons wasted"
I have a question for the Guildmasters :
What if a team composed of tiny legendaries (Shaymin , Mew , etc. ) joined your guild but in reality need serious help in missions?
@42Meep : I already know that but does everyone in the comic know that Vay is a cop??
I have some questions about Vay (so its off-topic)
Does anyone know that Vay is a cop? (because no one mentions it ) and is Vay really an agent (along with Dawn who I haven't seen in a while)?
You just made a poll about a year ago saying what we want to be added in the comic and the winner was probably PMD SSEC (I am not quite sure) so will that be soon ... or are you still working on it??? (I haven't commented in this comic for a long time)
Ok so this chapter is about Bolt and you mentioned that Dawn is the least involved character so will the next chapter be about her or someone else...
Looks like someone has "issues" while someone is living the life of a pimp/cop/thug..... just sayin...
Is the plot thing about Agent Lea or a story thing about the eevees inside the box or both???
What happened to VF Quest??.....
Its been a long time...
Ok ..... I think this is one ordinary conclusion for a tech based storyline
I haven't seen VF Quest for a long time now...
I think this will be based on the Butterfly Effect (Until Dawn)
I'm pretty sure this is a reenactment of Demacia vs Noxus
A dark type against a psychic?? It wouldn't be fair anyways.....