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Short desciption? Hmm well, I like to draw, mostly manga then a bit cartoony too and so on with that part, I love animals, and cocos, bananas hmm and my hobbies there is too many off...

Well, I am not good at this so we'll see if I find something to write in the future that's better maybe?
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February 3rd, 2008

Hiya Sandcake-CHAAAN!!

Guess who t'is is? 8D *big grin*

I bet ya know already MAWAAAHAHHAHAA!!

Ohh I love how this goes so far tho' I want more QWQ!!!

Am I the only one? No? I bet not!! =D

You rock so much huhu.

It's pretty funny ya keep saying ya so bad at this, but guess I will have to smack ya face in to the believing of oh just HOW wrong you are!!! >w< Bad bad dog!

I will work on the pages for our RPG ^^ huhu.

And now i will go back to ya on msn cause I can see ya have wrote, ne ^w^
Didn't got very far huh -___- Darn...
Sooo ugly...

D: Sry for my bad line... I draw terribel sometimes XD
So sorry!
I know I havn't posted lately, but acyually i have made about 5 sites more... it's just my pc had broke down, and is now in germany to get fixed... so I am borrowing my sisters now, and it's an old very slow pc.. ;o;

My scanbox (viggo) is installed on my dads pc, so when he's in the mood to I may use it -.-

Just thought you should know XD
Oranges_and_pears: Ahaha XD Look like I came first :b
Selenaloong: Thanks so much sweety ^^ <3 Always a cirkumstance for happiness to get such a commi!
Stray: If ya mean the site: The YES TwT'' it's blue, I write BAD-ly, and well... It would had looked better computer made, but still, this is all skills I have XD sniffle...

Flame-Shadow: Also thank you for giving me a commi ^^ Always makes me happy, so lets suffer the CRUELTY of our scan boxes together, or... o.o
Well, hiya stray and thanks for the commi =P

Hehe, yeah, how it's able to hate Pokemon.. Muaha XD
I hate this site, I want PS NOOOW!!!!!!!!

Snf TTvTT Someone help... I will do anything, just don't have the money XD ehehehehe.........

Viggo is also bad, BAD BAD BAD!!!! (Stll the scan box) he ruuuuuuined it by manking it damn blue ;o; it's BLUE!!! ARGH!!!

Well, hope it's still readable though I write bad TT^TT

Btw, I know right is this way: right XD ehe... Don't know what happenend -.- darn.....
-___- Not the best pic evar, but still.. Only used bout 10-15 minutes on it, cause I had to find a chapter site.. it'll be better with the time, don't worry XD ehehe........

The tittle "I hate pokemon" isn't because this is a pkmn hating manga! NO!!! Just what Billy feels, you will get the reason later... ^^
Hiya there everybody, if there are any o.o....... snf....

Well this is my Pkmn Shiny Adventure comic... ^^

Hope it will be taken good, cause I looove Pkmn, and have had this in thought for a long time, but didn't really got to draw it XD well, as said I don't have any programs like photoshop, but I can draw well in hand XD and that's what it will be...

My coloring isn't that bad either, but Viggo is XD that's my scan box thing... sigh...
Haha, my own pokemon fan manga is comming soon too as well, acyually I'm planning to upload fist page today, anyhow, this is cool! I love the way you have sat it up, and the whole story of DNA mixing the pokemon, I'm 18 by now, but a huge pokemon fan too, and I love it!!! <3

Have a fan in me for now, and the way ya draw the pokemon rulez ^__~ Way that go sweety!
Muahaha! Give up?? Never! This is just tooooooo good... *maniacly laughter*
I Thought that when I already had found a fave in Alternate, I could check this out too, and I must say... I ain't one bit disapoited at all... wow... it's another story and way in telling, but it's still baced on your cool ideas though... Damn it's so much faved...
You have birthday tommorow? That means ya wont see this before, uhm yeah well when ya look next time, but hey: HAPPY B DAY!!!

I still just looooooove your story, and I have a freakin' good reason t00 =D!!!!!! It's just such a cool parody on orginal Manga's, and so fun! I hate the fact I never got that idea, that's maybe why I like this so much and admire you for it =D Btw, I DO like manga XD But there shall be room to this too =D As I promised it's faaaaaaaaved!!!!!!!

(Don't mind my crappy english DX I'm danish and bad, baaaaaaad in langerous... was that correct? 0__o well anywho =D I can't wait for ya next update =D )
Bwaha XD;;
LOL! Soo cool! I just loooooove "Miss-blond-hair-happy-setence-toodlios"!

it's a real fun comic =D I'll so much add it as fave YAY! And rate too =) Damn.. But now I'll first read it all to the end ^^