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my next button seems to be broken :( :( :P ;)
I really love this story :) However the one thing i would say is the writing in the black bubbles is sometimes really hard to read :/ It might just be me tho :S
I'm gunna hold you to that peace offering ;) Haha
Is it the skin, or the amount of lust your giving off? ;)
I love CRUSH, so when i clicked next and this page came up i thought i had accidently changed tabs XD then got really confused when i couldn't find it in my other tabs XD
I'm normally fine around people until i suddenly realise I've spent X amount of time surrounded by humans. Then the second that happens i want to leave and be by myself XD
Just re-read this whole story, I really love your art style and the little random comments Aiden makes :') and now I'm even more excited for the next update XD
is he drawing with a tablet.... like the one you use to draw on the computer.... like when you make comics.... :O ?????

(Sorry i don't know the official name of the drawing tablet things)
Hope you have a fantastic day aswell :D
Haha love it XD Next time i have to give a present I'll have to steal this idea XD
Looks like the next couple of pages are gunna be interesting ;P
Ok So I have Clearly being living under a huge rock. you made a printed version of Volume 1?? :O
May 15th, 2016
@izzywinkle: That is so cool, and I feel like it explains so much/adds to the story really well, Also yey to sharing the comic love with Demi's :D
May 14th, 2016
@Hoagie: That's actually a really good point, I can't remember izzywinkle every actually addressing his sexuality, I always imagined him as bi, not sure why XD
Don't want to sound rude, but where is Aki's scar? :)
@PaperJeans: I really can't tell if your joking or not. Either way I'm sorry for not being smart enough for your comic, don't worry I wont read it again.
I'm confused, isn't this the couple from One on One? then doesn't' he already know he's a sex worker? :S
I think you could aim a tiny bit higher then friendship ;)
O man I get a bad feeling about this, but it's just like life, your so down all the time, then something good comes along it keeps on getting better and better, then someone makes a one off comment and it all does back down hill :/
Didn't realise you had uploaded a 3rd page, feels like it's christmas XD