Hi there, I'm not new to this site, but it's been ages since I was on here. I used to do sprite comics or general spriting years ago, but I kinda grew out of it ^^; But I try to draw in my free time, it's just hard in the summer cause the heat is unbearable x-x But I'll try my best to make something awesome!
So when I first played Shining Force as a part of the Sonic Genesis Collection on PS3, I immediately saw how similar it is to Fire Emblem, especially knowing how much the gameplay felt like it. It was like I was playing Fire Emblem on the Genesis, really
So the idea is that when an enemy unit gets a critical hit on you, chances are you're probably level-grinding at this point and they won't harm you, een if they succeed in hitting you. So this generic Mercenary unit finally gets a critical hit and hits Robin, but it does nothing, and because Robin is so strong, he's just like "Hahahaha, you're adorable." And I say "This is me," cause this is how I react xD Especially when they hit you with a low hit rate

Robin and random unit belong to Nintendo and Intelligent Systems, I do not own them!
Your art style is really awesome :3 I have a feeling this will be something awesome!