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First of all, good luck. And don't stress yourself out over squeezing in another chapter before your SRS. We'll still be here afterwards and we'll be waiting patiently ;)
Well, about Rainily... this is really difficult. Emily has some very good reasons for not going for a relationship right now. And we know that Rain has quite a share of doubts and insecurities herself. Once Emily reveals to her classmates that she is pregnant there will be a shitstorm, for sure. Even if Rain and Emily just keep up their friendship, Rain will get a good part of that, too. If they, on top of it, start going out with each other, it will be even worse for Rain and probably for Emily, too.
This said, there are some ways how this could resolve. For example, when Rain realizes that she will be harassed, too, just because she is friends with Emily, she might turn away from her because it puts her under to much mental stress. Or she will finally find the resolution to stand her ground, just let the idiots talk and maybe even try to convince Emily that, no matter what, she would never turn away from her so she wants to stand by her side, not just as a friend but as her girlfriend, no matter what everyone else might think or say.
I could come up with quite some more possible outcomes, but... just to tired right now... no more typing, no more trying to translate my thoughts into english -_____-
April 6th, 2016
Shesaiditshesaiditshesaidit!!!SHE SAID IT!
*takes some deep breathes* ok... ok... I'm fine.
But now, as happy as I am that she finally confessed, I have to agree with everyone who said that the situation right now is not the most perfect one for a confession... and we still don't know for sure if Emily feels the same way about Rain.
I'm just glad you didn't posted this on friday, leaving us with a cliffhanger for the whole weekend... but friday is still a long way off ^^"
While I do understand that one can panic in a situation like this, Drew pretty much fucked up here. It's one thing to deny who or what you are because you are not ready to come out to others (been there, done that) but it's an entirely different thing to out someone else for this reason and (to top it off) playing it down like he does with Ky, because this is a matter of caring about the person in question. If his own social standing is more important to him than Ky's feelings... well, he deserves whatever is coming his way. It might help him sort out his priorities. I really hope Ky chews him out good.
And while I hope they will be able to make up and that Drew will grow from this, I would totaly understand if Ky wouldn't trust him anymore...
December 23rd, 2015
I don't think we know Chase good enough to make an accurate guess, but the way he acts I wouldn't put getting violent past him.
Besides that, since he seems to be a self-centered asshole, I think his intentions are no good (like, actually wanting to raise his baby together with Emily or something like this). He probably wants her to get an abortion... in this case: get the sledgehammers ready, guys! If Chase says one wrong word, you know what to do!

Now on another note: Yay, rain update :D
I have found Rain only one year ago and I really feel it's a shame that I didn't found it sooner. I love your webcomic, from the story to the characters and all in between :D
It also turned my life a little upside down since it made me aware about some things about myself and raised some questions I conveniently ignored my whole life. I don't know yet if this is a good or bad thing, but, oh well, life is never that easy, right? XD

So, thank you for this amazing webcomic and keep up the good work.
I raise my glass to the next five (or more) years to come *Cheers!*
July 30th, 2015
First of all, you well deserve the love and support of your fans and readers.
Also, it is realy low to bash another webcomic and author the way it happened to you. I can't see how "Rain" is transphobic or why we shouldn't read it. I really love this story and the characters and it helped me to sort out quite a couple of things about myself. I can't thank you enough for sharing this story with us and I for myself think, if what you created not only entertained but also touched and even helped people, that's worth more than any fucked up negative comment others could throw at you. Haters always gonna hate, as sad as it is and for whatever reasons...

Btw, your "chicken scratch" is almost as bad as mine so it was easy to read for me XD