im sorry. i dont really know what to say atm
but know that no matter what your arent replaceable

im prolly not helping so im just gonna shut my mouth now
sorry cant help ya there
i use medibang on pc not mobile
niceeee :3
i wish i can get one of my favorite novels signed -3- your lucky X3
also yey you got your laptop back :3
this looks amazing :33

also i thought silver is a ninetales or is the silver here is one of your character

idk XP
@Fire storm: so what do u use for lineart?
@Fire storm: wait....youre not a guy...?
@WildfireK: i think its beacause he uses a marker to lineart it i guess
@andreya225: yeah it does sounds like a upload schedule might help but like you said you dont really have a consistent schedule so if you cant do schedule then dont try to force it ^^
@andreya225: rip
take your time tho like if you cant have a consistent schedule then its okay
ah nice except ur wrist tho like thats gotta hurt and ur style looks good :)
@Guest: its basically drawing pokemon fullbody with the right anatomy and proportions
yey ur improving :33

i always had a hardtime with full body anatomy XD
yeah the new style is good
ur improving :3
@Midnight-fox18: thx
also i just realise i forgot to draw the necklace XD
i actually have more sketch about me testing my new tablet which is a wacom intuos draw but i didnt upload most of them because it looks weird and cringy also i tried to do shade on like between the head and mane but i kinda stop when i realise i didnt think about where the supposed light source go so i kinda stop :P