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@Midnight-fox18: but its tiddies
how can you not like tiddies?
sorry cant help ya there
i use medibang on pc not mobile
niceeee :3
i wish i can get one of my favorite novels signed -3- your lucky X3
also yey you got your laptop back :3
this looks amazing :33

also i thought silver is a ninetales or is the silver here is one of your character

idk XP
@Fire storm: so what do u use for lineart?
@Fire storm: wait....youre not a guy...?
@WildfireK: i think its beacause he uses a marker to lineart it i guess
@andreya225: yeah it does sounds like a upload schedule might help but like you said you dont really have a consistent schedule so if you cant do schedule then dont try to force it ^^
@andreya225: rip
take your time tho like if you cant have a consistent schedule then its okay
ah nice except ur wrist tho like thats gotta hurt and ur style looks good :)
@Guest: its basically drawing pokemon fullbody with the right anatomy and proportions
yey ur improving :33

i always had a hardtime with full body anatomy XD
yeah the new style is good
ur improving :3