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& w/ this season FINALLY coming to an end, the FINAL Winner is indeed Doris Stagg like basically everyone Expected to see here. But even so, she was someone that was VERY enjoyable & likable to have around. Plus, considering that this was a Even# Season, this now proves that S14 not just started to break that Curse, but now S16 Backs-up that Fact too, as this will EASILY be a Top 5 Season overall I believe w/ an Excellent Cast/Location/Challenges/Gameplay even. Course, not everything is perfect, but the Pros Vastly out-weight the Cons for S16 as a Whole. Sierra getting RU (even as a Distant 1) INSTEAD of Vinnie was what REALLY helped make my Night big time, bc despite her flaws, Sierra was never a truly BAD character at heart, just someone that was VERY over-their-head & got lucked-out a LOT to get her RU title. AS for Vinnie himself, While it was a HUGE privilege to finally see this Legend play in person at last (as well as be his BEST showing ever as a Finalist at last), he KINDA ruined himself for me, as he not only played a good Strategic game, but at a GREAT cost of letting a few PERSONAL grudges tank him. Thus, while he's still a respectable player in SFC History, this 3rd version I fell was a LET-DOWN from who he previously was from WAY back in the OS days for S2/AS.

All in all, this was Definitely 1 of your BEST seaosns EVER SWSU, & I really hope that we can get ANY confirmation of when you have the Cast decided for S17 coming RIGHT up. Thanks again, & I look forward to Next season! ^_^

P.S. I said it a few times during this season, & I'll say it 1 more time. I had my Character Submission taken care of Some time ago, But I wanted to help give you a Refresher that my character is basically ready for you to look at Thoroughly to see if they Qualify for you or not. So please let me know ANYTIME about their status (either in private or in public is you choice). ^_^
@Guest: This was by me here just to clarify. DAMN thing does this a lot apparently. XP
@Tailslover13: Awwww, thank you SO MUCH for admitting at long last, that Sierra has a Good chance to steal an extra vote or 2. Not getting pushy here, just wanted to Congratulate you on taking the 1st Step of Acceptance. Either way, the Girls having their moment again Confirmed to me that they Will do what they can to Ensure Vinnie Stays in 3rd Place overall.
& w/ their very FINAL moments bf facing the Jury, this almost ALL but confirmed that this WILL be (BARELY at all) a battle btwn the 2 Female LOs Doris/Sierra, as a Wife/Twin Sister. Vinnie, I know that this will halp Close your Survivor Career as a Finalist at last after 3 Tries, but in ALL honestly, you have like NO hope at all to get more tha a Single vote. So enjoy 3rd Place for your 3rd Attempt overall.

Even if this is ALL just lip-service attempting to cover an otherwise obvious Doris win, I absolutely APPRECIATE that Doris single-handedly OWES that girl SO much for helping her GET to the end itfp. So even if it's not THAT close, both girls will do WHATEVER they can to ensure that they both get the Top 2 Spots as the Winner/Runner-Up.

As much as some people want to cry FOUL about Sierra having NO shot to win still, this comic alone just PROVED that Sierra is STILL a Sneaky contender to potentially get MORE votes than Thorne's alone. That's right, you CAN'T HIDE from this fact FOREVER Y'ALL! XD
@SWSU-Master: Hey uh SWSU, if you can PLEASE let me know about answering this Question (either publically or Privately is fine by me), It's this here;

Do you have ANY form of rule Whatsoever, for in case we EVER get a TIE for RU (since Doris looks like a Solid Winner, but we've NEVER seen a Tie bf for RU bh the Winner in SFC history)? I REALLY want to know so that we (or I myself mainly) finally get concrete PROOF on what HAPPENS, since this looks like there's a STRONG chance that we DO get a tie for RU here in SFC16 - BvW.

Please let me know ASAP on this matter, thank you. ^_^
@anime9001: THANK YOU GOD, that someone REASONABLE like you SPELLED it out to the PICKET, that Sierra actually DID something that HELPED her game for once. Sure as I stated bf, I'm not fully expecting a Sierra victory of course, but this act alone still MIGHT have gained her an extra vote or 2. & hey, by those standards she'd almost be Guaranteed for RU at the VERY least!

Sadly it does get fairly annoying to see pure "I hate Sierra for this/that for being stupid/useless/etc." So this is again a HUGE breathe of fresh air to see/hear from someone else besides me. Even if we don't fully agree on everything Anime9001, at least you helped fully expressed why Sierra's move here made REAL sense (to likely APPEASE the Jurors some). ^_^
As I suspected w/ perhaps a few others, I not only expected Sierra to be the Pivotal vote, but the 1 TIME she finally does the RIGHT thing, It might not help her too much overall w/ Doris as a Finalist officially. However, even so....., Bc Sierra just made that Jury SUPER DUPER happy to even GIVE Doris a CHANCE to fight for her spot (which she won obviously), maybe just MAYBE Sierra might be given a LITTLE break by the Jurors. Now this DOESN'T mean she WON'T get the Ire for much of her earlier flip-flopping, it just means that Sierra may not get COMPLETELY torn apart by this Jury. Hell if anything, the Finalist that MAY get the WORST of it all (likely) is now VINNIE, just for acting like a Pompous ASS for nearly all season long (despite an otherwise Incredible Strategic Game played).

Altogether, Vinnie I believe has absolutely 0% a SHOT in HELL to ever win now w/ Doris as the "Darling/Mother Teresa" of the Finalists. While it's almost a forgone conclusion that Doris gets the Victory, I do also believe that this 1 ACT of defiance by Sierra, MAY score her a BONUS Vote or even 2 (just for FINALLY standing up to Vinnie alone, & giving Doris a Chace for a Tie-Breaker).

Overall, my Final Vote Total is something like this; 5-2-1=Doris as the Winner, Sierra as the Runner-Up, & Vinnie as the 3rd Place Veteran. & w/ that, this FTC should be PRETTY interesting for how they ALL react alone (Jurors/Finalists combined).
Come on, PLEASE come on Sierra. This is your final FINAL chance to redeem ANY hope that you show you have ANY spine of independence. Just this once, DO NOT listen to VB at all, since they DON'T deserve it anymore.

I know that this might not change very much perception on Sierra for many people but...even so, I miss the Sierra that was SO friendly from the Pre-Merge. I only ask this 1 time that, big or small, this is 1 step for Sierra to do the right thing. & that there, is to LET both Doris & Jr FIGHT for it, so that they EARN the right to be in the Finals. As such, this is maybe the BEST way we have our Winner decided indeed.

Plus, even IF Doris somehow looses this Tie-breaker to Jr, ALL those Jurors ACTUALLY seeing Sierra make her OWN move (by ACTUALLY giving Doris a CHANCE to earn a Spot in FTC) will give Sierra a MUCH better outlook of her game/choices. Like I said, big or small this is clearly going to HELP Sierra's case more than to just vote out the Doe straight-out (afterall, I BET Money that if Doris lost a Tie-breaker, she'd VOUCH much more for Sierra just for giving her a CHANCE itfp).

Overall, this is the TRUE now/never moment for Sierra/Doris' games altogether.
@Tailslover13: pardon me on this but, are you referring to me bac here/there?
@Yumichika Time: Also, if there is EVER a time that Sierra returns W/OUT her Sister Thorne around, then maybe, JUST MAYBE.....she can find a way to redeem herself (where she would NOT have her sister controlling her like on BvW here, & she could make her OWN natural decisions).

& if your reading this here SWSU, I think you KNOW what to do w/ her for IF she ever comes back.
Since this is basically the last time we can truly get to predict the F4 here, I think it's safe to say that this is VERY likely to occur:

4th=Bowser Jr (mainly bc Doris not only Wins this FIC, but that Vinnie/Sierra Already made the deal that 1 or the other HAS to leave as a JURY threat)

3rd Place=Vinnie w/ 0 Votes (While many clearly know he had arguable the Best Strategic game overall, he had SUCH a SHIT Social/Physical game each, that no-on, not even JR, will WANT to give him any votes, out of PURE Spite)

Runner-Up=Sierra w/ 1 Vote (Since she originally was a nobody that was friendly, only to then NOT make good on her promises for this whole Merge, People now greatly HATE her too. BUT, bc she will get a Guaranteed Vote by her Killer Twin Sister, THAT will be the ONLY reason she gets higher than 3rd place [despite being a nice girl that wasn't cut-out for this game])

Winner=Doris w/ 7 Votes (while there are a PLETHORA of reasons for this, the LARGEST is simply DUE to the fact that she is the most LIKABLE Finalist remaining. & while she is Likable, she also showed enough Integrity, Competitive strength, & Stragety to be overall a BALANCED player. Well, that & bc she was a BIG Underdog for much of this Merge, for ALL the Heroes to root for from the Jury)

Altogether, regardless on how much this is right or wrong, this season was Ultimately a BLAST, & I get the feeling that BvW WILL be considered 1 of the TOP 3 Seasons-to-Date on Overall Quality! ^_^
I suspect that while this is slim, it could happen still like this;

Doris plays the idol indeed, but on Kopeii/Riley to many people's shock. Then after VB votes get negated for Riley/Kopeii, Doris for Vinnie & Sierra for Doris, that's when Kopeii will decide who goes home from trying to discern who's more appealing/deceptive, given how much food is an incentive for him. Only this time, the Werewolf psyches them all out, & goes for Vinnie (partly bc he got no meat during his last time out, & also bc Sierra might use her Werewolf fetish to get some revenge on the old man).

This is just a theory I know, but hey it's something that could happen still to make this an All-Time memorable moment.
Since Thorne did ALL the work this season to both keep Sierra safe, as well as try HELP her sister win, how would you ALL declare this season as a whole, for IF by some miracle, Sierra wins the game? I know many of you do NOT like her anymore, but I'm just now SUPER curious about how you personally may FEEL about BvW altogether for is such a thing happens during this Finale.
I just wanted to say that.....I'm sorry for everything I not only did for last night, but also for Sierra's *tears-up* mistakes she made all season long too. It's too late I guess, but even then I just needed to say that...I'm sorry that Sierra had you SO many of you out there. Not just Tia/Riley/Doris, but all the Fans out there too.

I wanted her to do well like many of you 1st thought too. I wanted her to prove them all wrong about being bad in general. I wanted Sierra to do ANYTHING that was worth being respectable even. But in the end, I...*breaks down some* I'm so disappointed in her too like many others out there. I just wanted her to do even 1 THING that was right. For that, I'm so SO sorry that she's such a tragedy now, for letting Tia down like this the worst way possible. & the worst part is that I...had invested too much into her from the beginning to now. I especially wish that Sierra could take everything back too, to just be boring/friendly instead of getting forced into a role that makes people hate her w/ all their heart. At least then she *sniff* could go out w/ a positive light instead of these Bad mistakes she made all merge long.

Tia I think will be 1 of my Favorites for a Long time to come indeed, as she Finally shined in a better performance than in S11. Otherwise, Tia was great basically on everything she did.

Overall, this is not just a Bad night for me personally, but now this 1st part & likely tomorrow night's 2nd part will only make it even more heart-breaking for me. & w/ that once more, I'm... I'm so sorry for Everything Sierra did to hurt you all, since I just know that *sniff* she's such a good innocent person deep down inside. I can only admit remotely indeed that...Sierra is just not built for this game. I just wanted so much better for her & the Furries instead of this outcome. *cries w/ regret*
@Tailslover13: I too realize that I have gone on far tangents indeed like some of us have indeed. I guess that this got to a point that I sadly boiled over after about a season's worth of what I thought was "unfounded hatred" aimed at an otherwise VERY innocent character. I think you & I can agree that both Riley/Sierra re pretty similar in characteristics w/ the main difference being that Riley is Solid w/ himself overall, while Sierra is pretty inconsistent in comparison. So the fact that Sierra had seemingly a harder time w/ the ethics of this game, & that she tried (badly at that) to make EVERYONE her friends as a middle woman, sadly caught-up to her indeed.

Overall, most of us are good people inside indeed, & I don't like fights like most others. I try to hold back as best as I can, but even I have my breaking point like you do. As such, I regretfully got to a point of making a big ultimatum, which clearly wasn't explained very well. But by then I didn't care sadly I like normally would.

W/ that, I'm SUPER proud that you yourself have made HUGE leaps through-out this season (mostly though the Eli blindside, but still), as this has easily been the most enjoyable I've seen you yet otherwise. ^_^;
@dat4yc: Thankfully, you have sound reason enough to explain yourself on why you don't like Sierra. I can handle that indeed.

IDK if you're fully aware of this, but if you've been around long enough for these types of things, you will eventually see/maybe realize that there are stupid people around ALL the time. & most of them tend NOT to make a REAL point, so that get's old (& this proves you know this too). So sooner or later, someone will SNAP & make a unintentional little war like this happen. it was just that timing that I was the 1 who got too fed-up & lost my cool now.

I also said the condescending part too bc there was not enough depth to back it back then too. But now that you expressed it more openly, it alleviates the tension some.

I know that Sierra will get hated on permanently now nmw happens, bc she had SUCH wonderful promise in the Pre-game/Pre-merge. I just happens that the MEAT of her story came in the merge, & that people were HIGHLY dissatisfied w/her afterwards (once we finally saw what her true story was like). I simply accepted that this was just part of her characteristic, but didn't exactly foresee why this was suddenly a VERY BAD thing that made people want to destroy her (to other viewers at least).

All in all, I know that most of us are good people in real life, & that we have vastly different tastes. It's just 1 of these trying times that when we believe something SO firmly/passionately, there will sadly be "Flame-Wars", due to some Stupid people not being Thorough enough. Otherwise, we're at a mutual agreement.
@ChronoAlone: Oh SURE, 1 of the few times I Snap, is when it's clearly time to show people's TRUE colors indeed. Call bullshit if you want, but attacking others w/out sound reason is arrogant indeed.
@dat4yc: What annoys me is when people start something, & act like they are innocent suddenly. Nevermind that there is no sound reason bh the motives. I try to be rational bh anything I don't like, but it DEFINITELY burns my ass when there no definitive logic bh the negative behavior otherwise.

P.S, aren't you being condescending yourself then, since I DON'T start fights typically? I only respond if it's absolutely necessary (like right now actually).
@Tailslover13: I don't usually attack others 1st of all. But when it gets to a point that the hatred is BEYOUND a game point, that's when it gets seriously annoying.

Plus, I know that Sierra got herself into this mess, it's no secret. But piling on the stupid mob- hatred on someone when they're already done, it a TOTAL waste of time/effort I keep seeing AGAIN & again.

People have opinions indeed. But there's no need to let it get out of control like it has these last several seasons have indeed.

P.S., it seems obvious for a Tia boot indeed, but atp, even if Vinnie/Thorne chew-her up for this, Sierra BETTER just stick to this w/ the Furries now, since she'll FEAR not having their votes more than that the other 3 can do to her.
So if you'r gonna get into trouble either way, Sierra MIGHT as well just go w/ the Vinnie boot w/ people she's CLEARLY more friendly w/, than those she doesn't like herself.
I know people don't like Sierra for being TOO much of a flip-flop. But if you really can't stand her, either you people can not mention her, or simply FUCK off yourselves. Seriously, I'm sick of people doing this Shit, especially when some player's character as a whole is Absolutely NOT malicious whatsoever.

So guess what then, either SHIT some more, or Fuck off now, since it's obvious I can't be NICE anymore, to those w/ NO GOOD reason for their hatred.

& w/ that, Good bye bf the blood bath begins.