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Awwww, we FINALLY see a MUCH needed break like this here, where not only do SOME players give Sierra a break (like Riley & a pleasant surprise in Brandi) like this as simple friends, but that also ANY little break in general is BADLY needed atp (& the Merge is only getting started).

Brandi has full-on redeemed herself obviously, but the fact that she's almost a 180 degree version now on being CORRECT & Waiting too (for the 2nd go-round), shows the Definitive growth for someone that just played a Season ago is IMMENSE (strange how such VERY little time can make someone change a LOT huh?).

Either way, if the Furry/Brandi alliance stays firm/lucky enough like they were from last TC, then I do strongly suspect that we MAY see a pact w/in form (like say Brandi/Riley/Tialayla), so that once the other side is small enough/wipe-out, they can make their big move on the Staggs. Also assuming that Sierra does make a choice to flip from all the BAD treatment she had from her Sister Thorne's alliance, it would be a HUGE no-brainer for said 3 to recruit Sierra, for a likely run at F4 together (though the main condition likely is that Thorne MAY have to stay around for at LEAST F8-6, to make this work well enough).

So yes, while this is a REALLY cute moment altogether for all 5 of them here, I can definitely see Brandi doing this to also try to recruit both the Dating Furries & lost Sierra, to form a F4 pact too for DTR.
I don't care if Sierra sucks as a player or not anymore, this is ridiculous that once Sierra makes a developmental piece like this, she gets unwarranted HATE!

As such, Sierra (along w/ Doris/Riley/Damon) is arguably the NICEST player left. & to think that THIS is how we repay her too, *shakes head very disappointedly* ugh, what a SHIT way to lay WASTE on HARMLESS people like Sierra.

Popular or not, I just cannot EVER find myself ANY reason to even Dislike her (much less hate her). Therefore, I guess I may be FORCED to step in to Defend her from time to time. & hopefully we have someone, ANYONE from the remaining cast, finally give Sierra a REAL chance to let Sierra try to explain/defend herself in SOME fair way too. :(
Well then. It seems that w/ this BIG anonymous source here (as in Bowser Jr likely hiding in PLAIN sight), this is already the 1 of the likely most SHOCKING surprise boots we may see in some time. & considering that the Source wants THEIR way to happen, the Furries/Brandi can only be saved, IF they comply w/ their demands. & tbf, I'm almost completely CERTAIN that Angelo gets the ULTIMATE blindside (given that he's not only the MORE threatening Dudebro as a Damon w/ Brains, but also a VERY annoying version too). So therefore, FINGERS CROSSED that Angelo leaves at LAST! ^_^
@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: Come on Gary-San, while I enjoy you combination btwn being Cynical w/ a Dry sense of Humor, I think you are just being a MITE bit too unfair, as Sierra hasn't truly done a HUGE thing yet that deserves the sudden hatred. Plus, I know you WELLL enough from previous adventures (Survivor mainly) that you've a sound mind. So if I have too, I'll fetch the whip to get you BACK into shape like the good "Kitty" you are indeed. XD

I can role-play too you know. ^_^
@Tailslover13: Tailslover, honey-dearest. I love you as much as ever, but sometimes I have to try to bring you back into the realm of Sound Reason, like Boo-Boo Bear does w/ Yogi Bear. I say this bc Thorne is understandable 1 way, but Sierra has STILL not yet given a warrant reason to get attacked like this (YET if indeed the case for later). But until we have our 1st TC at this merge, I still think that it's still not yet the time to PROPERLY judge the Emotional Twin. May you please try to hold out until the Vote at least to see if you get proven wrong, hmmm?

Shame too, since you were doing SO VERY well since the Eli Boot until this comic came-up. Xl
Ok people, really? like REALLY? the 1 TIME Sierra has to do something, & suddenly you spew HATRED Venom as your 1st thing towards after being UTR all season until now? Wow, you people can be SO sick in the head, that it's baffling. UGH!

I'd rather call some of you sick Fucks for this ABHORANT behavior, but alas I know this is too much for even YOU certain individuals out there. At the VERY least if your gonna Bitch/Whine, just use a SOUND reasonable explanation for why you disagree w/ Sierra's decisions in the last 48 hours, not some Bullshit excuse like "I hate her guts suddenly".

Honestly, I expect disagreements but not VILE venom like this for NO REASON. Seriously, give Sierra a REAL chance to make a move still at the TC Vote, bc afterwards that's when we can really make a good dissection on her future potentially.
@Tailslover13: That is a VERY neat simulation indeed, since I was waiting to get into 1 of those again. ^_^

I can certainly agree that it was PRETT darn fun to see myself get to 9th place, only to fail EPICALLY apparently some of the time according to the Edgic! XP But really though, it's been TOO LONG since I last got into 1 of those Simulations, as it can be both Draining/Exciting to get fully invested in multiple times.

Hopefully you had a wonderful time still, despite how the Winner ended, as I think NO-ONE expected that outcome for the Winner! ;)
Hi there everyone. Sorry for the LONG time I've disappeared, but I followed this as usual & waited until the right time for a moment like this to respond to.

Lewis Lake as we know, was a douche. Not just a regular douche we see typically on most versions of Survivor, but also a ENHIGHTENED version too. To the point that he was labeled the Scum of the season who did things that simply went FAR beyond the line of entertainment/intrigue. However thankfully, as the final Day had struck, he eventually realized BF the point of no return (w/ a LOT of BLUNT help mind you), that Lewis had to make 1 last thing happen. Try to start fixing his Broken relationship w/ his Daughter (whom he abused for most of her life mentally). & as the final Minutes/Seconds ticked by (after numerous amounts of poor decisions made that were destroying both him & his Daughter Brandi), he finally managed to do 1 GOOD thing after all these (likely) years; acknowledge her accomplishments. & btt his time came to an end, this was the key moment that both Father/Daughter knew that there was hope for a 2nd chance to be in good graces w/ each other again. So w/ 1 final act of valiance, Lewis Lake sacrificed himself to Protect Brandi Lake, to both Better her chance of Success/Winning in this Game, & his chance of Fatherhood outside this show.

So w/ ALL that said & done, we are finally left w/ 11 players remaining here at 6/5 RTs/LOs (3M-3F/3M-2F). & of the 10 starting pairs, 4 pairs are WHOLE at 8 (Twin Sisters/Married Deer/Dating Furries/Best Friends), 3 pairs are SEVERED as Singles (Scorned Father/Bratty Son/Emotional Daughter), & 3 pairs are WIPED away Cleanly (Dysfunctional Fiancés/Scheming Actresses/Forth-wall Cousins). Therefore, basically ALL the BAD distractions are gone bf the merge, & this will finally get the real Game/War started at last.

Honestly for the 4 pairs intact, those w/ the most potential to last the longest together from most-least are indeed;
Twin Sisters (Thorne/Sierra) -> Dating Furries (Tialayla/Riley) -> Best Friends (Damon/Angelo) -> Married Deer (Bradley/Doris)

Yet those 4 pairs w/ the most Potential to have a member to DO WELL/WIN EVEN are indeed like this here;
Married Deer (Doris over Bradley) -> Twin Sisters (Sierra over Thorne) -> Dating Furries (Tialayla over Riley) -> Best Friends (Toss-up really)

Lastly is the 3 Permanent Singles. So for them, those that have to potential to go Far/MAKE finals are;
Bowser Jr (Bratty Son) -> Brandi (Emotional Daughter) -> Vinnie (Scorned Father)

Asusual, the Singles w/ the BEST chance to WIN overall at FTC are indeed;
Brandi -> Vinnie -> Bowser Jr.

Overall, this Merge w/ these F11 is gonna be both fun/Painful to watch, since there are SO MANY enjoyable people that made it here. But as they say, let the Blood-Shed Begin!
Aww, oh so sad, yet so Touching. Bowser only wanted the 1 THING he could NEVER ever achieve, & that's just 1 SINGLE win over ANY type of Bros (dressed in Red/Green at least). But alas, w/ his Awful track-record, he just NEVER learns anything due to his massive Ego. I'll admit thought that, Even though he's definitely a Villain by ALL standards, Bowser certainly is part of a PRETTY small class that consists of GREAT/RELATABLE Villains (who has both a Grey-Morality, & stays in a LOVABLE Iconic way too)! So even though this was certainly a Worse performance Day/Ep/Placement-wise the 2nd time around, In many OTHER way too this was a even BETTER Go around for our Beloved Koopa King. So...Take care, & so long-gay-Bowser!

Honestly though, this is something that just NEEDED to happen, bc 1) TOO many LOs are gone still, 2) an RT NEEDED to go to try & balance it out a bit, & 3) the Story is just NEVER gonna progress EVEN FURTHER along w/out taking out a few strings attached as Loose-ends indeed. But either way though, I'm REALLY curious about whether or not there WILL be another Switch occurring in this NEXT EP (since there's 14 left, going BACK to 2 Tribes w/ 7 each makes Sense, & that there's NO Exile of ANY sort we see here [for now]). & bc there was NO warning of a switch in this preview, I'm just VERY weary about whether or not a 2nd Switch WILL occur or not yet at 14.

Overall, this was EASILY the BIGGEST Action-Packed EP yet, that resulted in presumably 2 HUGE boots in this Impromptu DB (EJ/VO), & w/ the CHAIN of Events set into Motions BIG time from Iyzebel/Bowser bfh, this game will now get ONLY uglier/Bloodier as the game gets ever more Deeper. Take care otherwise! ^_^
@Blastoise_FTW: Well, considering the Type of situation that requires a FULL Lunar cycle for Riley's Werewolf form to occur (particularly w/ only a WEEK for a FULL-MOON to happen here in the Mushroom Kingdom), I think it's safe to say that Riley's version is a PURE WILD-ANIMAL indeed (regardless of originality). & if Riley REQUIRES you to tie & KNOT him up REALLY GOOD bfh, then yeah...it should be simple enough that he's GOT to be isolated/in a trap (so that no-one gets seriously injured or WORSE by his uncontrolled form). Hope this helps enlighten you some btwn the difference you asked about.

To be completely about all this, I can't believe I'm saying this but, I once again Fucking CALLED IT w/ that Bitch Iyzebel going home here on BvW for 16th PLACE (& DURING the SWAPPED stage too) DURING Pre-Season at that!!!

But overall though, I just KNEW that the SECOND Iyzebel was confirmed during the Cast Rlease for BvW, she would NEVER last anywhere NEAR as long like she did for S13. & from what I see, what happened for her on S13 might have ALL been a MERE Fluke for her ite, since she dealt w/ Newbies & that a LOT of them were idiots too to LET her make it THAT far for 37 Days & 4th back then. But here, uh-uh there was NO-WAY that the Shit she'd try to start once more here w/ Veterans involved would work, & she got both Called-out & put in her place for about 12 days (until she finally exploded like a TRUE BAD-GIRL would from her series, by Assaulting/Cutting a Bitch hard-enough to Force an Ejection on the Offender's part).

& w/ that, I can rest easy at last in that, we have not 1 but 2 STRAIGHT seasons here in 15/16, that ALL the TRUE OTTN Bitches/Bastards are gone THIS FAST (from 1st-Boot, to 16th). Well, at least ALL the "Red-Head Bitch" Archetypes are gone once more SO FAST again. & so w/ her Ejection, I'm ALSO correct in predicting that BGC (as a Pair) would the 1st WIPED-OUT in the 1st 5 boots (though not Quite as back-to-back like this, but who cares anyways).

Now then, All that's REALLY left for this EP now, is to see who will be the 2ND Victim for this Impromptu DB (1st=Ejection & 2nd=Vote). & from what I've seen figured, it's PRETTY likely now that Sarasa might have themselves a DOUBLE whammy of loosing 2 PEOPLE suddenly in 1 EP. But like usual, We'll just have to wait & see, for if I'm right or not.

P.S. Thorne might have gotten ambushed hard by a Loud Hot-Blooded Red-Haired BG like Iyzebel, but something tells me that she's survived much, MUCH worse bfh during her time in the Streets/Prison. So if she's indeed like the Silent Cold-Blooded Blue-Haired Killer she is from her Creator, then this Beating has GOT to be mere CHILDS play for her personally. But we'll see soon enough now, won't we? ;)
@Tailslover13: I know right? Idk how this happened but, absolutely NO-ONE figured this out whatsoever, that the Red-Shirt on Damon & the Green-Shirt on Angelo meant a LOT more than just being regular clothes. But again, w/ ALL that has happened bfh this season, this would be WAY too low-key to figure-out until now.

Also um, I uh...left some more info on my Original comment for this segment here. But it's up to you on whether you want to reply on either my 1st comment, or from here obviously. I'll just wait until I hear back from you, since I do believe that this may be VERY interesting think about. hehe ^^;
@Guest: this was me that said this, I just forgot to log in again bf making the statement. so uh, my bad.
@Tailslover13: I have to say, your REALLY coming around lately indeed (& I think you might know what mean by that too :P), so good job for now, & try to keep it up. ^^

Anyhow, I wanted to let you know that I used your name as a good example for someone I tried to help explain about the "sudden Bonnie likability" or whatever it is (but it's certainly NOT being as hate-able to Bonnie as it previously was), that has people coming around for her better.

I hope you're fine w/ it, but I wanted to let you know jic. (just look further down to see what I meant specifically, for an easier interpretation).
@Guest: Tbf "Guest", the reason that some people (even those who harbor some deep hatred for her to this day from S9/10) are honestly starting to like Bonnie even the TINIEST bit more than previously, is that despite her vile nature, Bonnie as "Sarah" has offered NO LEGITIMATE reason to be too unbearable YET.

I know you and a number of people will ALWAYS be butt-hurt about Bonnie (& I won't bother trying to help change you & others to that degree). But I'm simply offering 1 potential explanation that, even when someone like Bonnie has such a VILE past to look DOWN upon, the fact that she presently has NOT done anything SO heinous this season (as of yet), is perhaps why a number of people are Shockingly giving her a CHANCE to not be AS bad as she was YEARS ago.

Overall, I suspect that this may not fully help you understand, but even by just the Tiniest amount, I already see a MASSIVE improvement in Bonnie (for now by being UTR), & it seems that lots of people are agreeing w/ me on this here (even those like Tailslover, who are considered the most DIFFICULT to help change their pinions on someone like Bonnie).

Otherwise, we can just agree to disagree on this like civilized people. XP
Oh my Gosh, that is BULL#&%$! I mean COME ON, this is not even FAIR, since Riley TRIED (he was crap but STILL Tried), while Rosella is SO SPOILED Rotten that she wants EVERYONE to do the work w/out her assistance!

That's IT! if it's EVER btwn Riley or someone else like THIS, SCREW the other 1 atp, since Rosella's "progress" is Absolutely NOT worth it ANYMORE! Get her the HELL out of there, & do NOT take-out this meek little wolf boy, NOT like this at the VERY least!

Honestly, I can't even BELIEVE I have to say this but, there will be HELL to pay if Riley gets FUCKED so HARD like this, bc of a USELESS BITCH like Rosella here being in the "majority" like this! Come ONE Eli/Sierra/Lake EVEN, do the RIGHT THING, & get RID of the USELESS REDHEAD BRAT your "Hiding" right now, & GIVE poor Wolf-boy Riley a REAL CHANCE to prove himself useful later on!! DO IT PLEASE!
Thankfully, this was what Brandi NEEDED the most, just simple Comfort from a STRANGER rather than her own Flesh/Blood Father. IDK if it's wise to do this while being SO emotionally drained like this for Brandi to get RID of her dad like this quickly, but at the VERY least she could get SOME real peace or mind for a little while afterward. Although, w/ her dad gone, she'll be on her own once more w/ no REAL shield to protect her.

As for Sierra/Cassidy here, I'm a bit sad that Sierra is not getting much attention by the camera people, since I still have HOPE that she'll have a BIG role later on. So this little Comforting segment might be small now, but this could be 1 of the ways she gets to have a Breakthrough. ^_^ Cassidy deary.....WHY must you stoop to this Low level, taking advantage of an Abused young woman like Brandi, Potentially trying to make even MORE trouble for her family, just to stay alive in this game yourself? There's a difference btwn playing to stay alive, & just flat-out being IMMORAL like this. At least Thorne is doing THAT part correctly to fight & stay alive in this tribe, the way Cassidy did here, is just SO off-putting/wrong to see. Oh well, better HOPE this pays off Greatly, bc otherwise Cassidy is going down in FLAMES quickly here.

Overall, this is the Breakdown that unfortunately NEEDED to happen for Brandi to finally get it OUT of her System. & w/ this Breakdown/Pep-Talk now in full swing, I'm happy enough to see Brandi try to be a New Improved version from last season (hopefully). ^^
Oh my gosh..........I know this is a game for most people simple. But for some of the smaller amount of people that play, this is simply getting WAY too personal THIS soon on ONLY Day 4. & it could really be just be tricks on my mind but, If this was NOT the breaking point for Brandi/Lake (w/ how there was PURE Psychological abuse showcased here), then the next time btwn them is GUARENTEED to be the Back-Breaker for this Father/Daughter's Relationship. & yes, that not only goes for this game, but for Life afterwards for them too. Again, I hope it's just tricks on my mind, but I get the DEEP sense of dread that the next altercation like this, WILL perhaps get Physical btwn Brandi/Lake (as in, do REAL physical harm like a Slap/Punch/Firm Shove/etc.). & no, don't give me that SHIT about there's no abuse going on, bc I KNOW already that someone WILL get Violent Very soon btwn them (either by Brandi/Lake/someone else even).

So SO sorry if this is WAY more negative than it needed to be, but just by watching this Complete FAILURE of a relationship here btwn this Broken Parent/Child pair, but I've already seen PLENTY of these altercations bf, where similar 1 like this here typically DOES go from Verbal/Mental abuse, to eventually Physical if no-one does Anything to intervene REAL soon afterward. So now already, this is the 1st pair that is SOLIDLY a Failure altogether (I mean HELL, EVEN BONNIE/CLYDIA's was NEVER THIS BAD, since it was ALWAYS just a Ruse simply put, but my GOD, Brandi/Lake are the DEFINITION of Failure)!

*Sighs deflated* Ok...I'm done for now. But just warning you ALL, that if this father/daughter gets to SUCH an all-time low from here in this EP, then it's sadly an I-Told-You-So. & again, if ANYONE tries to attack me for being real, then F&#@ you too. I'm NOT going to bust my BALLS over Useless/Petty Crap that has NO purpose for this Forum/game. DX

If I'm not around for days, then it means that I'm trying to cool off & need to disappear for a bit. Otherwise, I will be back but staying silent until I HAVE to speak-up again. :(

Hopefully this goes better than I dreadfully fear it does. But it's not looking good either way for this pair.
@Tailslover13: hey uh yeah. I get the feeling totally about the random hate some people/characters get regardless, since most of such hatred can stem from anything unfounded. I guess that a few select individuals just wish for ANY kind of leadership to be toppled (regardless of how GOOD/BAD such leadership qualities are w/in said individual).

That being said, I know you've had a EXTREMELY difficult time hanging on to give the players for this season a chance (at least more difficult than usual based on the past several seasons leading up to this 1). But anyways, I'm just trying to say that..........I'm glad that your seeing some more improvement for this season. Better yet, Happy even, since you've had maybe the hardest time yet adjusting to a specific season. So, Thanks again for seeing even a Little of the Light that's hidden DEEP in this season's hard exterior. :)

Since I've gone on enough for now, I AM a bit curious to hear from you about some of my previous thoughts (whether from here at Smackjeeves, or at DeviantArt, as I TRY to make them known at Both sources) for this season thus far. I'll try to brace for it in case but, at least I try to give things a chance (that or I'm just WAY TOO forgiving/nice for some environments like this here). ^_^