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@Vicky_Michelle: Well, as of the latest page, he likes being called Vi... Unless he's just saying that so Fara doesn't feel bad, but I highly doubt he'd do that.
OK, I know it's no secret Rain's father and what he did to Rain, Aken (I forgot how to properly spell his name), and Kellen will be a major plot point later and will be revealed and we'll have him as a villain for a few chapters, I know. But AHHHH the wait is killing me!
"The Calm" as in "The calm before the storm"???
May 30th, 2017
My comment for the comic: That last panel put "Here Comes A Thought" from Steven Universe into my head. Thanks for the earworm

My comment for you: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! (even if this comment is a bit late to say it)
I CAN'T be the only that still ships Gavin x Ana.
"Go on a date with me."


"As if anyone would actually want to date you"

Todd, I swear, you're a hypocrite.
@Boops: I mean, either way is right, but thanks for the unnecessary correction?
@Ridge: I don't have the emotional/mental energy to keep this argument up. I'm done with this. Keep justifying their actions all you want. Intent doesn't change a thing. You don't walk out of a store with a turkey when you intended to buy a chicken, and it still be a chicken. You still bought a turkey.
@Ridge: A haircut that could've easily killed Rain. Why don't you go ahead and cut your own family member's hair with sharp scissors while they are sleeping, possibly even tossing and turning in their sleep. It's sharp, they're asleep and vulnerable, and regardless of the intent, it's still assault. You mutilate someone (include an against-their-will-haircut while they're not awake and aware of what's going on), that's assault. No, it wasn't attempted murder, but she could've done SERIOUS harm to Rain. Murder or otherwise. There's no two ways about it. You go after someone with a sharp object in their sleep to cut off a piece of their body (hair or otherwise). Go ahead. Try it. See how well that turns out for you. Especially if you KNOW they'd hate you for it after they woke up and saw what happened. Hell, you could even sue for that if you wanted. I bet if that happened and you told the court "It was just a haircut", you'd get off scot-free.

For Debbie, she isn't trying to bully her? She literally threatened to out Rain to the whole school, after clocking her and making her feel like shit. Debbie abandoned Emily (read the next page again if you want to see how), and then had the nerve to blame Rain for it and threaten to out her to the whole school. Regardless of how certain she is or isn't that Rain's a "guy", and regardless of how likely it is for anyone to believe Debbie.

I think we need to not water down and understate what exactly these two are doing with "Well, Debbie said it was okay for men to wear dresses, live and let live, so she's fine." or "Kellen went to see a therapist once. Surely she'll be redeemed after actually attacking her sister in her sleep."

And, again, yes. It was an attack. Intentions be damned, Kellen physically attacked Rain.
Rain is to Sans as Debby is to Frisk/Chara.

That is to say, Debby
@Ridge: No need to cite. I know the pages you're talking about. There's no redemption for physically assaulting your sister in her sleep with a sharp and potentially deadly weapon.

As for Debby, you say she doesn't seem transphobic, but then Debby did just pretty much say to Rain's face "YOU'RE A BOY!" and then asked another student if they thought Rain was a boy too. Intentional misgendering of a trans person, regardless of how certain or not, how right or wrong you are, about if they're trans, you're still misgendering a trans person. And pointedly so.
@Ridge: Well, Debby just threatened, in the latest page, to out Rain to the whole school, which could pretty much ruin her life, at least for a good while. And Kellen chopped off Rain's hair in her sleep against her will, physically assaulting her.
@Ridge: People said the same thing about Rain's sister. And I think they said the same about Todd at first, but I'm not sure.

The idea that every transphobe, homophobe, etc. can be "redeemed" or "realize what they're doing" or whatever just simply isn't realistic. If everyone just started getting along in the comic, then there'd be really nothing to it anymore.

I don't think it's possible for every homophobe/transphobe/etc. to just stop being such. Not in real life, and I don't think Jocelyn plans to do it in her comic either.
*Internal screaming intensifies*
April 28th, 2017
Oh shit
Oh shit.
You know, maybe one day, you'll stop taking hiatuses and won't need to remind us what happened only just a few page ago. XD Haha, I'm just kidding.
@LittleLynn84: Oh. Well... At least it still exists!