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Autistic, bisexual, panromantic, trans woman that's a huge fan of Star Wars, video games, Disney, etc.
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    Willow B.
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Emily, noooooo. Don't go back to her. Go back to Rain. Your mom doesn't deserve you.
@otakuchris: I hope you mean himself. Colette just said that he's a trans guy. And most likely uses he/him pronouns.

Not biting into you, just offering as polite a correction as this autistic person can. ^^
@Pyro: You're about 3 years too late. I've already caught up on the whole thing quite a long time ago.
@CatPerson: You're completely right, Catperson. The school doesn't really have the right to hold her there if she doesn't want to. She's a legal adult now.
@Guest: Page 80 is this, according to the dropdown.
@NikuComics: I don't think so. Some people are just evil without any reason. Even if the parents raised him to be like that, he has shown no remorse at all for his actions that he takes when his parents aren't around.
And whatever tragic backstory he may have doesn't justify anything he's done at any point in this comic, nor could it ever make me sympathize with him. Todd is an ass, through and through.
Wait. Todd is the one that caused physical harm to someone, enough to bruise her, and Maria is the one that was getting in trouble? I really, REALLY hope Chanel's parent's lawyers take this school down. It's causing nothing but trouble for everyone there.
@Dianae: What "g-word"?
I'm still not too happy with Donna, given that she's still being homophobic ("Of course I don't want my children to be gay!"), but at least she's against Norm instead of with him, I guess
YOU GO, RUDY!!!! You are so damn awesome!!! Tell it like it is!!!
@Guest: No. No one that threatens to send their kids to torture camps (Oh, my bad, "gay conversion") loves their kids. Not genuinely.
The only way you'd get me to leave the comic is if it starts going TOO far. And by too far, I mean to lengths that I know this comic would NEVER go to. And I know this comic can and will go to some pretty dark places.
Don't worry about it! Every time there's some major plot twist that isn't happy, people get upset. But that's a good thing! Your intent WAS to upset. Otherwise, it'd be a happy plot twist rather than a sad one. It happened before with Rain's hair, it's going to happen with whatever you have planned in the next few chapters.
If I could, I'd reach through my screen and strangle Quentin. I'd make him suffer. He's an absolute asshat and I really, REALLY hope he gets what's coming to him later on.
March 15th, 2018
@Nesagsar: Plus, if the school has security cameras, they'll see that Todd grabbed Chanel before Maria came up to them and that he was hurting Chanel.
March 14th, 2018
Maria's in the right to punch Todd. He refused to let her go. He was physically hurting her and was refusing to stop when told to stop. After a point, sometimes physical violence IS the only solution. If Todd gets only a black eye, he'd be getting less than what he deserves.
@Guest: Please dear god no. If that happened, I'd quit reading this comic until the whole prom arc ended. That's how terrible an idea that is.
Does anyone else want Father Quentin to burn alive?
@Unknown: I don't believe it will end in absolute sadness. If it DOES go that far, the comic will undoubtedly continue until things are better again. But it's not going to end on the happiest note possible, either.
@Nesagsar: Well, if Rain gets outed and Maria and Rudy get sent to gay camps like the comic has been heavily hinting at... Well, I don't want to think about it...
I mean, yeah. Honestly, if the fact that something bad is gonna happen soon is supposed to be a secret, it's not a well kept one! XD It's quite obvious