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I was really confused for a second there because I got Allison and Ana mixed up and thought "wait, didn't Rain come out to Allison a few chapters ago? How could she have come out way back then too?" Whoopsy me.
This is so cute and wholesome! <3 Neither of them are in the wrong here. It's better Maria asked than just went ahead and did it.
July 12th, 2017
@Ari: "Ky is saying Drew has to come out if they're going to stay together"?

More like Drew wants Ky to experience crippling dysphoria.

And just keep in mind that just because you can put up with something doesn't mean others have the same patience or will or even want to put up with it.
July 12th, 2017
Ky is absolutely right here. No, Ky wouldn't be harassed for wearing a dress, but so? It's either Ky gets harassed for wearing a tux or Ky has to deal with crippling dysphoria because their date doesn't want Ky to be their true, authentic self. Ky is totally being fair. Drew wants to control Ky's gender presentation in public so that it's convenient for him while paying no mind to how Ky feels about it.

Edit: Changed the pronouns to more gender neutral ones, because I was typing without thinking about that part, ironically. My bad.
Drew HAS to make more of an effort, regardless of upbringing, or he WILL lose Ky for good. And Ky would be justified in walking away.
@Philturn: He may be trying, but he definitely has to be called out, or he will never learn. And he just crossed a huge line that many trans people and non-binary people would not forgive anyone for. Especially with all the feet in his mouth that he had previously, including this chapter and previous interactions with Ky.
Sometimes you just have to stop before you speak and think about what you're going to say.
Believe me, I want to root for Drew, but he's not making it easy by any stretch.
Drew, NO. *Grabs water squirt bottle* Bad, Drew, bad
@LittleLynn84: I guess you could say Ruby is quite... Lewdy?
This is hilarious. XD Ahhh, I can't wait until we can get back to this arc again. I'd have no problem reading a whole chapter just dedicated to "The Misadventures of Rudy&Ruby"
@Dianae: Could just be that Ana is not assuming any pronouns and so being respectful of possibilities. Even if she doesn't self-identify as queer, she's definitely aware gender identities. So that could be it.

I could just be reading too much into it and it's just out of habit for her.
@Chandelure: Oooh, I like that idea of yours. Rudy gets his own group and becomes like this reocurring character rather than a main character, but still very prominent, and it's like there's side stories going on. Perhaps whenever the series goes on hiatus, Jocelynn could do this whole "The Misadventures with Rudy/Ruby!" thing where it's like... 1 page a week or 1 page every 2 weeks that there hasn't been an upload.

You, my friend, are genius.
@TKK: Utterly artificial? Oh, yeah, because those "normal" pronouns were grown on trees. Totally not artificial and man-made at all. -_-
I'm being utterly rude and intolerant when I'm not the one saying that non-binary pronouns are a joke? Sorry, no. I don't do tone-policing. I have plenty of non-binary friends that use they/them pronouns, zhe/zer pronouns, etc. and they are totally valid in their usage and I will defend them when someone comes to MY comment saying "Oh, you should just call people pronouns based on what they're wearing, because clothes are signification of gender" or whatever bullshit when all I did was ask THE AUTHOR OF THE COMIC, NOT SOME RANDOM, ANONYMOUS READER, what the character's pronouns are because I want to be respectful to the comic author and, by extension, her comic's characters.

Please tell me how Don Edwards was being respectful with statements that pretty much shit on peoples' non-binary pronouns.

EDIT: Actually, don't. Because I don't have the spoons to put up with people that say things like "Hurr, durr, you use pronouns that aren't he, she, or they? That's a joke right?" I'm not arguing this with intolerant, closed-minded jerks. Goodbye.
@Don Edwards: I'm not going to respect you when you say that you assume peoples' genders based on what they wear, and I'm not going to respect you when you say you refuse to respect non-binary pronouns. I refuse to read the rest of what you said and respectfully wish you a good day.
Ruby is wholesome and I wish I could see more of them! (I'm not sure which pronouns Ruby uses. I know Rudy uses he/him, but does Rudy still use he/him when out as Ruby or she/her or they/them or some other pronouns...?)


Edit: Jesus Christ, all I wanted to know is Ruby's pronouns when they are out as Ruby. I didn't want all this "Lol, Jhe? Are you joking? That's ridiculous", tone-policing bullshit drama.

If you're going to reply to my comment to continue drawing out the drama, don't. I don't have the spoons for it and am simply not going to respond to it anymore.

Seriously, if I have to engage in yet ANOTHER conversation about this exact same conversation, then I'm going to have a major freak-out because of all the stress and bullshit I've had to put up with lately.

I'm not dealing with it, ESPECIALLY when my comment had VERY LITTLE to do with drama that occurred anyways.

Again, please, if you're going to comment on anything, please just let it be an answer to my initial question.
@Vicky_Michelle: Well, as of the latest page, he likes being called Vi... Unless he's just saying that so Fara doesn't feel bad, but I highly doubt he'd do that.
OK, I know it's no secret Rain's father and what he did to Rain, Aken (I forgot how to properly spell his name), and Kellen will be a major plot point later and will be revealed and we'll have him as a villain for a few chapters, I know. But AHHHH the wait is killing me!
"The Calm" as in "The calm before the storm"???
May 30th, 2017
My comment for the comic: That last panel put "Here Comes A Thought" from Steven Universe into my head. Thanks for the earworm

My comment for you: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! (even if this comment is a bit late to say it)
I CAN'T be the only that still ships Gavin x Ana.
"Go on a date with me."


"As if anyone would actually want to date you"

Todd, I swear, you're a hypocrite.