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February 23rd, 2007
This was a suprisingly hard comic to do since I hadn't drawn these characters in a while. I had fun with the last panel though. I used my right hand to draw Rean (Im left-handed). Ill probably only update once a week. I have other things Im working on so they will have most of my attention.
January 26th, 2006
This is actually the first time I have posted a picture that I did not clean up first. However, I am probably the only person who has noticed.

If the comic does ever start up again then I expect this to be a major character. However her name is not to be revealed un till then.
This comic was a little late thanks to personal reasons, but I am attempting to maintain my schedule. However, thanks to some annoying errors I might have to use some filler art days soon.
"isn't this the same as #1? 0_o"

There was an error #1 was replaced by #3 for some reason. I fixed the error.
Rean's Rant
It wasn't stoned as much as... Drugs.

Just drugs.

Like, they thought it was a kixture of everything.

It wasn't, but that's what they thought.
This is one my favorite comics art wise thanks to the 4th panel. It was one of my first successful changes in perspective. It took me while to do it considering the size of the panel but it was well worth it. My style of shading was becoming more defined at this point also.

This comic relates back to a joke Rean and I used to have about how everyone on his high school bus thought he was stoned.

I'm planning on doing a Tuesday,Friday schedule.
Great improvement! Fived.

My only problem is how you put a whole lot of comics up on the 3rd, can you made a schedual?
This comic took me forever to do. I spent nearly a week on it originally, trying to figure out how to do shading for this kind of comic.

I greatly prefer this comic over the first one in that it provides a bit more insight into our characters personalities.

Also, I do not expect to be updating this often. I'm aiming to update at least twice a week though. (do not hold me to this)
Rean's Rant
I think this is the one with new models. They also change drastically in the next comic.

Interestingly enough, this has been know to happen during root beer-gaming nights.

I'll just get very bored and tackle Kora. "Whump" is very accurate.

Who says you can't get drunk on sugar?

See News.

Hm. Who says you can't change shirts in the middle of a comic?

January 5th, 2006
No, it's 100% American.

But 98% Manga inspired.

It's 2% waffles.
January 4th, 2006
I'll try to put one up tomorrow. Kora has 6ish pages done so far.
January 4th, 2006
Comment please!