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I have no description I am just a parasite.
I LOVE THIS COLLAB TOO MUCH TO EVER QUIT IT! :C (I've just been busy with school and play rehersals and work and choir and *dies*)
LOL I wasn't Dino this time I was Kida Masaomi from Drrr!!! :D
I don't cosplay Dino that much anymore but I do plan on cosplaying Ken Joshima~!
LOL I just got back home from a con, god I smell like Axe body spray D':
Biances- LOL Yus we can do it all the time!

Kris- Thank you~!

Jonah- No, I think he just got taller. xD

Bree- Thank you~!~!

Hutt- Yus~! Super boyish
I know I didn't put it on the template I will make a official one later when I have more time xD;;

Age 15- Where Jake is now he shows little to no emotion, and always has a blank expression on his face, he isn't that smart and is really scrawny. He doesn't even think about questioning Perry and the circus it is his life.

Jake age 19-20
Jake is more happy now, he is still dumb but he can now hold a conversation better. He is more outgoing now too. He also seems to be alittle more girly (?) wheres girl's clothes such as shirts and jeans, he also changed his hair. (he doesn't have a derp) He also had a huge growth spurt and would probably be one of the tallest members! xD (he is now even stronger)
He still loves the circus but seems to be alittle more independent and he kind of rebels sometimes too.
I'm sorry I have been busy but since I don't work this week i will get it up.
Wah~! He is so cute Now I MUST work on the age meme xD;;
I have been so busy D':
Must do this *u* looks like so much fun!
I'll get on it!
Now to work on my next post.... >,>;;
UGH! I am sorry I am at fault! (kinda) I SORRY :C
I have been busy with my first job!! I will work on something!! D':
<3 <3 <3
thank you thank you~ <3
FFFFFF *foamsatthemouth*
I don't know xD
So they are probably yelling about Kara getting out xD;

Yeah so this is crappy I think :C
I haven't had much will to work or draw or much of anything... I'll get to that after my birthday...maybe... *SHOT*
Yay~ xD I also have my first job interview on sunday D'8 I'm screwed *hyperventilatesandstuff*

So yeah how have you guys been? anything exciting?
Lol No bad Ali. stop drowning your sorrows in alchohal!! >:I
SEXY! She looks so mature and FOOSH!
Um... I think Mazeltov is next but Riseinantiphony should go after her... and then we'll go back to the rest of the list thing~
Oh hell yes this page is sexy ;D
Next is DiscoFUCK =u=

@Jonah- Why has everyone got HG or SS But me D'8 I want it so bad SO BAD! Oh well I can wait alittle longer....
Yeah I know all of them because.... I have no life.... *FAILURE*
AW LEE IS TOO CUTE!!! are just perry.. (LOL JK HE IS AWESOME!)
@Kris- OMG SRS? *V*
POKEMON FTW!!!! Hurr hurr hurr Now I know who to talk to about pokemanz!
So I may be one alittle more because one I am not grounded anymore and two I have yet to find a job ;^; (FUCKINEEDMONEYTHOUGH) I don't think I will be on chats much though but send me a note anytime on DA if you wanna talk! <3

ANYWAY I drew this beause well.....I have become OBSESSED WITH POKEMON *v* *foamsatthemouth* I want the new HGSS game SO bad (luckily I talk my parents into it for my b-day 20 days~ *w* <3) SO Yeah most of my updates for now might be......POKEMON realted.
Anyway I drew pokemon (DUR) Jake has a slowpoke because alot of people said he would have one (And I drew his golem) and for Lee since she is a Lion Tamer I made her catch a shinx *v* because. And Jesse and james that is Len and lyn (for some reason the remind me of them I wonder why LOL) and yeah thats it...

btw I liked drawing Ruru and Lee the most ;D