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Also Pan's face in the last panel. I think I see blushies ;u;
I'm just curious, does Ashley have jaundice or a fever? I can't tell
This was supposed to be a reply to Kimmi...
Ooooooohhhh, okay. Either way I hope he sees a school counselor soon. He needs all the support he can get ;u;
The ADHD thing.
Just a question: When exactly was this established?
I love your nonverbal storytelling, it's just charming ;v;
......I'm with the brigade. HUG THE BOY NED ;A;
The professor seems so concerned it would make me cry too
And yet again Hero saves her mentor ;v;
I'm just waiting until he runs into his professor and finds out they actually care more that Sooch slept well than the fact that he woke up late.

I mean, professors are super nice if they trust you, and Sooch has been pretty dedicated to fixing his probation status, so I'm sure the professor could give him some leeway for his first late. Of course, this *is* university, and I've only ever known community college, so I could be wrong ;v;

All this to say there are make-up days for a reason, and at least most of the professors I've known (in community college) were understanding enough to offer those.
I wonder if they all know him...
@TubaCakes: Snap Crackle Pop *Rice Krispies* ;v; (not sure if anyone will get the joke...)
Interesting how the choice was made to depict this flower as a blue rose--a very rare coloration.
.......That's actually a pretty good reason to marry Pan. I assume he and Amos have a one-sided rivalry--either that, or he has a secret grudge against Amos which would explain him trying to show him up all the time. I'm a bit excited to see where Chuck's character development takes him :3

P.S. I'm thinking Amos probably did something to Chuck by accident to cause Chuck to have such a desire to stick his face in the mud
Chuck is so convinced I almost want to feel bad for him too, but then I remembered he's a twat ;7;

Also I'm really looking forward to seeing more of Frank and his fabulous face-encompassing mustache throughout the story. Why are those kinds of faces so fantastic TTvTT
I just now discovered this comic and read the whole thing up to this point. I feel so bad for Amos. He must be so uncomfortable with all that mud sticking to him and probably drying and crackling on his skin under the hot sun, and now he has to deal with this twat Chuck. I have so many feels for this loner, I just hope he and Pan can start feeling comfortable again soon ;v;
Literally. Every. Time. I'm Sooch ;^;
@Torakodragon: Crowd control *shot*
I kinda have to agree with everyone on this. I do understand different people have their own issues, but it really does sound like she was possibly tied to someone who couldn't give her a child, which may be what some believe being fated lovers is all about--that is, the right person to begin a family with, not necessarily the person who you fall in love with. It might be that she wanted to keep Ned from being tied to someone who wasn't able to bear him a child, thereby breaking his line; but this seems to be the opposite of what we've learned the string's purpose actually is. And the fact that she tries to brush her "failure" under the rug by not telling Ned the full details, along with how she chose to marry a man she wasn't tied with just so she could have a child, and he ends up leaving her and Ned in the end--all this just makes it sound more unbelievable that she's trying to basically ask for sympathy from Ned now, when she doesn't realize her paranoia actually hurt him too deeply for her to heal. So yeah, she is selfish.

Also I'm wondering if this Lance person, Ned's dad, left them because he actually became tied with someone else and finally found his fated lover. If that were true, that would tell me the string really is right, and Ned's mother is even more selfish for telling him the string is wrong.