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Oh no, WHAT'S THAT 0^0
Looks like time is on their side today, in all figurative and literal meanings ;7; Also IS THAT DIAL IN THE OTHER DOOR?!
I feel like this is just gonna serve to make Kylee feel even more like crap, especially knowing he almost gave into his friends. Yes, he did show some self-control and responsibility by refusing them in the end, but the whole reason Kylee didn't go to Kim in the first place was because he still wanted to hang out with those guys. It was only after the fire started he tried to get help. I mean, it's not like Kylee can just tell him that's what happened, even now. He'd probably be too scared to find out just how much respect he lost, or worse...

Though I am glad Kim really was worried about Kylee in the end, I'm more sad for Kylee than anything. This incident will require a lot of reflection on his part, and hopefully this is enough to help him decide to break from the group.

*edit* Also "teenage stupidity" is probably gonna hit a nerve for him too, which makes me believe he'll say something he shouldn't soon. I hope not, but I'm also expecting the worst...
Oh my. That's quite a view there in the last panel heheh *////*
Honestly I feel like Josh is gonna be more relaxed about this than, say, Ben would, even if the two do end up together. But yeah, it's never fun having a third wheel, especially when they've been alone for so many months already.

However, I feel like Josh will also become the person to solidify Sooch's newfound feelings for Howie in the form of.........I don't know. But I feel like he's going to be the catalyst to Sooch finally saying something about the whole thing.

Or, something.
@Kingfish: It could be that the predatory animals have to be genetically modified at a certain age to coexist with the prey, while the ones who remain animalistic are either deemed too much of a threat to integrate, or they willingly become feral. Or something.

I'm not sure....
I think this is the first time my heart is HURTING right now, THERE'S TOO MUCH BUILDUP FOR THIS TO NOT VEER TOWARDS A KISS. But I'm ready for the agonizing countdown. BRING IT ON *^*

...But seriously this is cute as hell
I remember how he said he never showed anyone his natural hair. Hehe, oh boy >v>
I'm just waiting for Liam ;v;
This is beginning to hurt my brain ;3;
I smell party fight
No Sleeepy, don't be sorry. I wholly agree with you here. I'm almost *hoping* it's Liam Howie's chatting with so Sooch can take action
Is that why RGB drools those colors all the time? Because he was aware if he kept it closed off he'd burst or something? Hmmmmmmmmmmm
Also Pan's face in the last panel. I think I see blushies ;u;
I'm just curious, does Ashley have jaundice or a fever? I can't tell
This was supposed to be a reply to Kimmi...
Ooooooohhhh, okay. Either way I hope he sees a school counselor soon. He needs all the support he can get ;u;
The ADHD thing.
Just a question: When exactly was this established?
I love your nonverbal storytelling, it's just charming ;v;