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So, you decided to read my description, huh?
I like to draw, but since I am very impatient I normally won't finish sketches I've made.

I generally enjoy PMD comics (because I enjoy the idea of PMD).

Well, that is all you need to know, I think.
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Lux, the one who brings light in the dark...
@Snowy Not to forget shiny disks that teach you stuff instantly and gummies that raise your IQ
Eevees face XD
Really nicely drawn page!
Well, if you played the first pmd you might agree
Hmmm, a name...
The problem is, I suck at naming so don't expect anything from me :(
But I really like the name Jurmala suggested
@Shadow666: Hands and eyes are the hardest thing to draw, so don'tfeel bad when you mess up things like these, they take A LOT of effort to get right.
Oh god it's gorgeous. Don't need to say more
Hmm, that would explain why no one is called by a name in the PMD games. Kind of like using the surname of a person in Japan :D
Also, I am super excited about Eevees name!
(Damn, took me three tries to get this written without errors)
@Alpha The Eevee: All right insulting was totally necessary there.

(I am joking by the way)
You know what
This will knot stop
Last panel: My face when I wake up in the morning XD
Wipping? Wouldn't it be wiping?
I don't know if he should be trusted...
I can't wait for the next pages, this will be great :D
Oh this is getting exciting!
Well, it sure looks of sketched but it looks good as well! Anyway, you caught my attention, I will follow your comic :D
Whem he appeared there was somuch heat that the sand turned directly to glass
Mate, I dare you
If you dare putting this on hiatus without a good reason....
I will find you. And I will... force you to continue!
I think I started reading your comic just when it started, but then I forgot about it. But I'm back, I guess :D